Jun 76 - Black Swan , five piece ....

Sept 76 - 100 Club, London gigs ....

Dec 76 - Anarchy Tour ....

Jan / Mar - Early 77 Gigs ....

May 77 - White Riot UK Tour ....

Jul 77 - European Dates ....

Oct 77 - Out of Control UK Tour ....

Jan 78 - Sandy Pearlman UK Dates ....

Apr 78 - UK Festival Dates ....

Jul 78 - Out on Parole UK Tour ....

Oct 78 - Sort it Out UK Tour ....

Feb 79 - Pearl Harbour US Tour ....

Jul 79 - Finland + UK dates ....

Sep 79 - Take the Fifth US Tour ....

Dec 79 - Acklam Hall Secret Gigs ....

Jan 80 - 16 Tons UK Tour ....

Mar 80- 16 Tons US Tour ....

May 80 - 16 Tons UK/Europe ....

May 81 - Impossible Mission Tour ....

Jun 81 - Bonds Residency NY ....

Sep 81 - Mogador Paris Residency ....

Oct 81 - Radio Clash UK Tour ....

Oct 81 - London Lyceum Residency ....

Jan 82 - Japan Tour ....

Feb 82 - Australian Tour ....

Feb 82 - Hong Long & Thai gigs ....

May 82 - Lochem Festival ....

May 82 - Combat Rock US Tour ....

July 82 - Casbah Club UK Tour ....

Aug 82 - Combat Rock US Tour ....

Oct 82 - Supporting The Who ....

Nov 82 - Bob Marley Festival ....

May 83 - US Festival + gigs ....

Jan 84 - West Coast dates ....

Feb 84 - Out of Control Europe ....

Mar 84 - Out of Control UK ....

April 84 - Out of Control US Tour ....

Sep 84 - Italian Festival dates ....

Dec 84 - Miners Benefit Gigs ....

May 85 - Busking Tour ....

Jun- Aug 85 - Festival dates ....

Sept 85 - European Tour ....

Jan 86 - Far East Tour ....

1986 onwards - Retrospective

74-76 - Joe with the 101ers ....

Jul 88 - Green Wedge UK Tour

Aug 88 - Rock the Rich UK Tour ....

Oct 89 - Earthquake Weather UK ....

Oct 89 - Earthquake Weather Euro ....

Nov 89 - Earthquake Weather US ....

Jun 99 - Comeback Festival dates ....

July 99 - Short US Tour ....

July 99 - UK Tour ....

Aug 99 - Festival Dates ....

Oct 99 - UK Tour ....

Nov 99 - Full US Tour ....

Dec 99 - European Xmas dates ....

Jan 00 - Australasian Tour ....

May 00 - Mini UK Tour ....

Nov 00 - supporting The Who Tour ....

Jul 01 - UK & US Instore Tour ....

Oct 01 - Full US Tour ....

Nov 01 - Japanese Tour ....

Nov 01 - Full UK Tour ....

April 02 - Brooklyn NY Residency ....

Jun 02 - UK Festivals ....

Jul 02 - Hootenanny Tour ....

Aug 02 - UK Festival Dates ....

Sep 02 - Japanesse Dates ....

Nov 02 - Bringing it all Back Home ....

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This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1977 with info. If you have any corrections please email blackmarketclash

OUT OF CONTROL TOUR ‘84 ...with Mick Jones departed, a new five-man Clash hits the road to stir up interest and hone their chops: The new line up consists of Joe Strummer (vocals/guitar), Vince White (guitar/vocals), Nick Sheppard (guitar/vocals), Paul Simonon (bass/vocals), and Pete Howard (drums).

The band wasted little time in replacing Mick. A series of auditions were held at The Clash’s rehearsal space, Lucky 8. The lucky applicant was 24 year-old Nick Sheppard, former guitarist for 70s punk act The Cortinas.

Marathon rehearsals were held and over a dozen new Strummer songs were worked on. “It was more a back to basics approach, after the excesses of Mick’s last days,” says Sheppard, “[Joe’s new songs] were far more of an eclectic bunch of tunes than we ended up with. Lots of world music influences - Latin, African grooves - that kind of thing.” However, ‘that kind of thing’ wasn’t what Rhodes had in mind for the new Clash. ‘Back to Basics’ was soon upgraded to ‘Back to Punk Rock,’ or ‘Rebel Rock’ as Joe rechristened it. After a couple weeks of rehearsals, another new guitarist, Gregory “Vince” White, was brought on board. The new Clash became a three-guitar band.

The reconstituted band played its first shows in January 1984 with a batch of new material and launched into the self-financed Out of Control Tour.

Seeking to secure The Clash name, the first few dates too the band on a mini-tour of Southern Calfornia, a mere few weeks after the new line-up had been in existence. Despite touring without record company support, the dates received a substantial amount of press attention and provided suprisingly popular playing to huge audiences despite the problems off stage. The new Clash played to a capacity crowd of over 10,000 gone-apeshit fans in San Francisco which was chafing under Ronald Reagan’s rule and the new Clash were treated as conquering heroes at all the venues.

The credit or blame for the new Clash would fall solely on Strummers shoulders now, and he was touring with a band unaccustomed to large venues. Of the new members, only Howard had played to more than 200 people. And as if there wasn’t enough pressure to begin with, Mick’s zealous legal team harassed the new Clash at every turn, seemingly just out of spite.

No clear list of dates have ever surfaced though Joe mentions in an interview that they did 9 dates in California.

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from the Out of Control Tour Jan-Feb 1984

Radio interviews and broadcast TV (other than at the gig)

Out of Control Tour - California

Joe Strummer interviewed by Lisa Robinson for WNYC
Joe Strummer interviewed Ltd Edition picture disk
Jan 19 Santa Barbara CA - Arlington Centre
12 minute TV Interview backstage
Jan 21 San Francisco CA - Civic Auditorium
Jan 22 Stockton CA - U.O.P. Spanos Centre
Jan 24 Long Beach Arena CA
Radio interview 17 mins
Jan 27 Santa Monica CA - Civic Auditorium
Jan 28 Fresno CA - Warnors Theatre
Jan 29 Santa Cruz CA - Civc Auditorium
Jan 30 Santa Barbara CA - Arlington Theatre
Feb 1 San Diego CA - Fox Theatre
Entertainment Tonight features I Fought the Law

THE OUT OF CONTROL TOUR ‘84 moves to Europe and the UK.

After California, the band flew to Europe and found that The Clash were superstars on the continent. They were front page news in the European music press and headlined larger venues than they were used to playing in the US and UK. Then, in late February, while preparing to play the first of two nights at Milan’s Palasport stadium, Joe received news that his father had died just prior to the Paris gig.

The performances are considerably better strating with probably two of the best an dmost politically charged the band EVER played, Glasgow, then Manchester. For the past four years, the press had been slagged The Clash for abandoning punk and now they were slagging them for returning to it.

The same press whilst prescriptively writing of the bands demise foe serval years were present at the concerts reporting how the Clash were re-energised. The NME admitted through gritted teeth that the tour was a ‘lightning sell-out’ and long time Clash-basher Gavin Martin described a Brixton date as ‘the heaviest and most orthodox rock show I’ve ever seen The Clash play.’

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from the Out of Control Tour Feb-March

Video and audio from the Out of Control Tour Feb-March

Out of Control Tour - Europe

Feb 5 Dublin - SFX
Feb 6 Dublin - SFX
Feb 7 Belfast - Ulster Hall
Feb 8 Belfast- Ulster Hall
Feb 10 Joe interview 42mins Ltd Edition Picture Disc
Feb 10 Glasgow - Barrowlands Ballroom
Feb 11 Manchester - The Apollo Theatre
Feb 12 Leicester - De Montfort Hall
Feb 13 Bristol, Colston Hall
Radio Bristol Nick Sheppard 18mins
Feb 16 Drammen, Norway - Drammenshalle
Backstage interview 5 mins (Video 9mins in length)
Backstage Paul interview 2 mins
Feb 17 Stockholm, Sweden - Isstadion
Radio Stockholm - Strummer int. broadcast earlier 9th Jan - 10mins
Swedish Radio - various interviews 76mins
Feb 19 Dusseldorf, West Germany - Phillipshalle
Feb 21 Deinze, Belgium - Brielpoort
Feb 22 Paris, France - Zenith
The band were scheduled to play Espace Ballad on the 23rd Feb but this had to be re-sheduled to March 1st as a national lorry drivers strike blocked the trucks carrying the gear at Calais. Tickets stubs however stiff carry the 23rd date for a price of 80F which would have been about £6 at the time.
Feb 25 Bern, Switzerland - Festhalle
Feb 27 Milan, Italy - Palazzo dello sport
Feb 28 Milan, Italy - Palazzo dello sport
Italian TV interview - Mr Fantasy - Band interview - 5 mins - poor quality. Broadcast 22 March, RaiUno.
Italian TV news Interview
Mar 1 Paris, France - Espace Balard
TF1 Studio interview with band
Paris Radio interview Joe 37mins
Paris Radio interview Joe Paul Interview (France, Europe anti Thatcher) 9mins
Mar 3 Edinburgh, Scotland - The Playhouse
Mar 4 Blackburn - King Georges Hall
Mar 5 Liverpool - The Royal Court
Mar 6 Portsmouth - The Guildhall
Mar 8 London - Brixton Academy
Mar 9 London - Brixton Academy
Mar 10 London - Brixton Academy
Mar 12 Belfast - Ulster Hall
Mar 13 Dublin - SFX Hall
Mar 14 Dublin - SFX Hall
Mar 16 London - Brixton Academy
Mar 17 London - Brixton Academy

At the end of the tour, the band confirmed they had played a marathon 49 dates.

...we've exhaustively researched them all (plus the 50th, 51st & 52nd which were cancelled).

At the end of March the Clash returned for a 49 date US Tour spanning the rest of the country and Canada. With their finances constrained by legal proceedings the band had to self fund the tour. College campus's were chosen with sizeable advance payments to the band where enthusiastic and younger fans flocked to see the band.

This was probably the most exciting period ever for theband on stage and the recordings are testimony to wild crowds that turned up with largely positive feedback from local jounaists and attendees.

The reviews in the USA praised the power of the band, but questioned the relevance of punk in 1984. Which is not to say punk wasn’t still in favour with the punters. The band’s entrance into the mainstream had brought a younger and more athletic audience whose approval was often displayed through acts of mayhem. Near-riots broke out at venues in Philadelphia, Chicago and Providence.

The band would return from their succsseful US marathon, ready to go into the studio and do the album. But then came the news that Joe’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Right on the heels of his father’s death, the news sent Joe into an emotional tailspin and The Clash’s back was broken for good. Joe left the band to fend for themselves. A mini-tour of Italy in September was planned without Joe rehearsing with the band.

Extensive archive of articles, magazines and other from the Out of Control Tour April-May

Video and audio from the Out of Control Tour April-May

Out of Control Tour - USA

Mar 27 Nashville TN - Vanderbilt University, Memorial Gym
Mar 28 Knoxville TN - Tennessee Uni, Alumni Memorial Gym
Mar 30 Orlando FL - Wdiz and Beach Club, Jai-Alai, Fern Park
Mar 31 Fort Lauderdale FL - Sunrise Musical Theatre
Apr 3 Atlanta GA - Fox Theatre
Apr 5 Columbia SC - The Township Auditorium
Apr 6 Chapel Hill NC - Carmichael Aud, Univ. North Carolina
Apr 7 Hampton VA - Colisuem
Apr 8 Hempstead, Washington DC GWU Smith Center
Apr 9 Poughkeepsie NY - Vassar College/Walker Field House
Apr 11 Albany NY - The Palace Theatre
Radio interview with WCDB
Apr 12 Portland ME - The Expo
Apr 13 Worcester MA - The Centrum
Apr 14 Long Island NY - Hofstra University
Apr 15 Bloomsburg PA - University
Apr 17 Providence RI - Civic Center
Apr 18 Hanover NH - Hopkins Center, Thompson Arena, Dartmouth Coll
Apr 19 New Brunswick NJ - Rutgers University
Apr 20 Lawrenceville, New Jersey - Rider College
... college radio advert
Apr 21 Philadelphia PA - The Spectrum
Apr 22 Oswego NY - Laker Hall Gym
Apr 24 Rochester NY - The War Memorial
Apr 25 West Hartford CT - The Agora
Apr 26 Stony Brook NY - University Gym
Apr 27 Hamilton, New York - Colgate Uni
Apr 28 Buffalo, New York - State University of New York
Apr 29 Canton NY - St. Lawrence University
Apr 30 Toronto, Canada - Maple Leaf Gardens
Interview on the tour bus in Toronto
May 2 Montreal, Canada - The Forum
May 3 Ottawa, Canada - The Civic Centre
May 4 Ontario, Canada - Univ. of Waterloo PAC
May 5 Detroit MI - Fox Theater
May 8 Dayton OH - Hara Arena
May 9 Columbus OH - Veteran’s Memorial Hall
... includes the soundcheck
May 10 East Lansing MI - Michigan State University Auditorium
May 11 Cleveland OH - Public Auditorium
May 14 Milwaukee WI - Mecca Auditorium
May 15 Saint Paul MN - The Civic Center
May 16 Des Moines IA - The Civic Center
May 17 Chicago IL - Aragon Ballroom
May 20 Davenport IA - Palmer Auditorium
May 21 Saint Louis MO - Kiel Opera House
May 22 Kansas City MO - The Starlight Bowl/Theatre
May 23 Omaha NB - Music Hall
May 25 Morrison, Denver CO - Red Rocks
May 27 Salt Lake City UT - The Exhibition Hall
May 29 Eugene OR - University of Oregon
Four soundboard tracks circulate with better sound
Backstage interview Paul & Kosmo 8 mins / 16mins
May 30 Seattle WA - Paramount Theatre
Four soundboard tracks circulate with better sound
May 31 Vancouver, Canada - PNE Coliseum

As part of the celebrations by the Italian Communist Party who's leader had just died or something. According to Vince White in his Clash biography The Last days of the Clash, page 173 the band flew to Milan. It was a hastily set up tour. The first date was down in Salerno before returning back north through Italy.

Extenisve archive of articles, magazines and other from the Italian Tour

Video and audio from the Italian Tour

Tour of Italy

Aug 12 Denmark Festival - original poster but never booked to play...
Sep 9 BBCR1 Janice Long Interview with Joe
Sep 6 Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy Stadio Simonetta Lamberti
Sep 7 Rome, Italy - Arena Palasport
Sep 8 Emilia, Italy - Campovolo, Reggio Emilia
Sep 9 Florence, Italy
Sep 10 Genoa, Italy - Palasport
Sep 11 Turin, Italy - Stadio Communale
believed to have played the soundcheck

The first night of two successive which aimed at raising money for the miners national strike aimed at toppling the fascist right wing British Government led by 'The Leader' Margaret Thatcher.

The striking miners' benefit shows were entitled "Scargill's Christmas Party" with JOe annuncing that a new album would be released early in the new year.

Politically motivated, The Clash's packed the 4,500-capacity Brixton Academy in support of the National Union of Miners (NUM) who had been locked in a brutal, prolonged showdown against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her aggressive monetarist policies. One result had been the numerous pit closings that triggered the strike.

While the Culture Clubs and Duran Durans stoutly insisted that such social convulsions were none of their business, a glittering array of names were playing fundraising shows for the miners -- including Aztec Camera, Elvis Costello, New Order and a young, up-and-coming, Clash-influenced troubadour named Billy Bragg, who was arguably channeling The Only Band That Matters more effectively than Strummer and company. "It would have been very odd had the Clash not done them, I think," Nick Sheppard suggests of those affairs, which marked the last major UK gigs.

On the first night (December 6), the Clash came out blazing with a stripped-down "One More Time," as Strummer reworked lyrics for the occasion ("Outright, outright dyno-mite/Just a little warning for the miner's strike").

Technical gremlins crept into the second night, to Sheppard's dismay. "I remember having a big run-in with Bernie on my guitar sound. If you listen [to the December 7 tape], most of it is one guitar at the beginning [on 'One More Time']," he said. "Vince walked on, and his guitar didn't work, so he went off, and I was left to cover it. I play a bit of the 'James Bond' theme, as well. I remember looking round when I did that, and Joe being horrified!"

Strummer second night boast reassured them that the Clash meant business: "We've got a record out, and it's coming out in the new year, and we're gonna be back! We're gonna make a comeback!"

Sadly a tired press industry were all too willing to fulfil their own agenda that the Clash were not 1977 and had moved beyond the London press. Led by New Musical Express -- whose own headline read, "Jail Guitar Bores" -- the resulting writeups slammed the Clash on familiar grounds (fatuous rebel posing; sloppy, overloaded guitar sounds; too much self-congratulatory razzle; and so on). Such comments undoubtedly failed to faze fans who took to stripped-down brand of rock that -- onstage, at any rate -- which sounded far more compelling than all the tamped-down New Romantic posing being promoted in the press.

Articles, magazines and other from late 1984

Video and audio from late 1984

Miners benefits gigs

Dec 6 London - Academy, Brixton
... Striking Miners’ benefit gig
Dec 7 London - Academy, Brixton
... Striking Miners’ benefit gig

In the studio

Jul Demos - Joe Strummer 001
2x demos included on official release.
1984 Previously Unreleased 1 inch 8-track Demos Recorded July 1984.
Pouring Rain
Blues On The River
Joe Strummer: Vocals & Guitar. Paul Simonon: Bass. Pete Howard: Drums. Mixed by Peter J. Moore 2018
Aug Recording Out of Control demos
Late August – Studio - “tiny demo studio” in Los Angeles
Joe and Kosmo record 3 or 4 songs with Mariachi players in LA.
Tracks -
Three or four unidentified songs except for “Three Card Trick”.
Line Up: Joe Strummer – jazz rock guitar with built in keyboard, Percussion – unknown, Trumpet – unknown. Source – “We Are The Clash” page 188
Oct 84 Joe, Andulucia demos
We are the Clash, page 201
Nov 84 Brixton demos
We are the Clash, page 228
Jan 85 New demos for CtC
We are The Clash page 246