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Far East Tour

“One of the most wonderful times we had together was touring the Far East”; Mick’s recent quote is in sharp contrast with the accepted view summed up by Pennie Smith’s oft quoted belief that she witnessed the disintegration of the band whilst photographing them in Thailand. Typically of The Clash both contradictory views are correct!

The constant travelling always being in each other’s company, mounting tensions over the mix of Rat Patrol and Topper’s worsening addiction, all speeded up the process of disintegration which was already inevitable well before Mick and Joe just made it onto the Tokyo flight from the NYC recording sessions. But the band were also bowled over by the enthusiasm and kindnesses of in particular the Japanese fans, loved the culture clash of touring and visiting for the first time countries outside Europe and the US. The excitement and freshness of it all patching over their differences for the time being.

This is the most incomplete section any help would be appreciated. The Clash played 7 nights in Sydney plus other Australasian dates, as well as 7 nights in Tokyo and other Japanesse/Asian dates.

Extensive archive of articles and magazines and other from early 1982

Video and audio from early 1982

Tour of the Far East

Jan 24 Tokyo - Shibuya Kohkaido
December 1981? Music Live (Japan?):
Happy Birthday to fans in Japan "we're coming"
Jan 25 Osaka - Festival Hall
Jan 27 Tokyo - Sun Plaza
Jan 28 Tokyo - Sun Plaza
Jan 29 Tokyo - Sun Plaza
Jan 30* Tokyo - Kosein-Kaiken Hall - Matinee Show 6.30pm
Jan 30* Tokyo - Kosein-Kaiken Hall - Evening Show
Feb 1 Tokyo - Sun Plaza Hall
Brilliantly re-masterd video (by a fan) with the best video source synched to best audio.

FM radio interview

Lots of sources including FM / Soundboard / CD all with differing tracks and ranging between 4 and 5 for sound quality.

Feb 2 Osaka - Festival Hall
Feb 5 Auckland - Logan Campbell Centre
Feb 6 Auckland - Joe busking with a ukele
Feb 6 Auckland - Logan Campbell Centre
Feb 7 Wellington - Town Hall
poor quality FM radio interviews with (1) Joe, (2) Topper plus a retrospective 24mins
Feb 8 Christchurch - Town Hall
Feb 11 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Kosmo Vinyl, and Joe Strummer & Paul Simonon from The Clash interviewed by Geoff King for Melbourne-based cassette magazine Fast Forward, March 1982
Feb 12 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 13 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 14 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 16 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 17 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 18 Sydney - Capitol Theatre
Feb 20 Brisbane - Cloudland Ballroom
Feb 21 Perth - Entertainment Centre
Feb 22 Adelaide - Thebarton Town Hall
Feb 23 Melbourne - Festival Hall
Feb 25 Hong Kong - AC Hall
backstage interview
Feb 27 Bangkok - Thamasat University

AWOL Joe returns in nick of time, appalling weather, fighting, fans on stage, band all out of their heads on Amsterdam’s finest, arrive late, play poorly, grab the $75k fee and go! 36 hours later Topper sacked but were it to be on the basis of this performance alone then all of them should have been sacked! 

Articles on Joe's disapearance and Toppers sacking

Lochem, in the studio and Joes disapearance

April Recording Combat Rock
April Studio – Glyn Johns Garden Studio, Warnford, Hampshire
Know Your Rights (rerecording vocals)
Should I Stay or Should I Go (rerecorded vocals)
Ghetto Defendant (rerecorded vocal)

Line Up: Joe Strummer – vocals, Mick Jones – vocals, Source – “The Complete Clash”, Passion Is a Fashion (p. 313)

Apr 23 Know Your Rights 7" single released
Apr 24 Combat Rock album released
Combat Rock US advert on Epic Records
May 19 Belgium -
Rumours of a warm up gig for the Festival
May 20 Lochem Festival
Broadcast on New Zealand TV - an interview from Lochem Interview full colour. 10 minutes
May BBCR1 Kid Jensen
Joe before disapearance & interview w/band after 43mins
Kid Jensen 31mins
Joe interview Kid Jensen May 82 8mins
BBCR1 Interviews w/band ptII & Mick Combat Rock Interview 57mins
Mick, Paul & kosmo talking about Joe Strummer disappearing - May 2, 12mins

Up the hill backwards

Topper was fired at a band meeting the day after they returned from Lochem on Friday 21st May. Accounts differ as to whether Lochem was a final test and also whether the sacking was final or whether there was a way back in if he sorted himself out. For the press the reason given was “a difference of opinion over the political direction the band will be taking” Topper was said to be taking time out before deciding his future. 

A day after the sacking Clash convert, Charles Shaar Murray was called in for an exclusive for the NME. See link Up The Hill Backwards. Joe kept the reasons for Topper’s departure vague saying it was Topper’s choice.   Topper has said that until Joe later let it slip to a journalist the real reason for his sacking, he was not an intravenous drug user, but after that his addiction nosed dived out of control.

Joe explained the reasons for him going AWOL, or at least those reasons he was willing to give at the time. Mick’s response with a fixed stare, “Well I felt that anything Joe does is all right” The plan was to continue as a trio with guest drummers as required. Joe; “..we're going to go over to New Jersey and start a four-and-a-half week American tour, and then we're going to come back here and do the British tour that we should have done before - that's if we can find a drummer. After that we don't have any plans." Mick ; "After that, we all disappear!"

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from Know Your Rights Tour period

All the drama of Joe's disapearance, Toppers sacking, cancelled tour, rescheduled dates. All clippings in one stream; Link | or PDF.

Video and audio from Know Your Rights Tour period

Know Your Rights Tour

May 29 Asbury Park NJ - Convention Hall
May 30 Asbury Park NJ - Convention Hall
May 31 Asbury Park NJ - Convention Hall
Jun 2 Atlanta GA - Fox Theatre
Jun 4 New Orleans LA - The Warehouse
Jun 5 Houston TX - Hofheinz Pavilion
Jun 6 Dallas TX - The Bronco Bowl
Jun 8 Austin TX - City Coliseum
Jun 9 Austin TX - City Coliseum
Jun 10 San Francisco CACivic Auditorium [Did this take place?]
Jun 11 Rock the Casbah 7" single released
Jun 12 San Diego, CA - Golden Hall
Jun 13 Phoenix AR - Mesa Community Center
Jun 14 Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Palladium
Jun 15 Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Palladium
Jun 17 Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Palladium
Jun 18 Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Palladium
Jun 18 Rock the Casbah 12" single released
Jun 19 Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Palladium,
Jun 20 Santa Barbara CA - County Bowl
Jun 22 San Francisco CA - Civic Auditorium
Jun 23 San Francisco CA - Civic Auditorium
Jun 26 Vancover - Kerrisdale Arena
Jun 28 Calgary - Maxbell Arena
Jun 29 Edmonton - Kinsmen Fieldhouse

The Casbah Club Tour

With typical Strummer humour Joe greets the audience at the start of this first night of the UK tour with “Some of you have been waiting quite some time for this performance!” Seven weeks to be exact; the original dates for the two Brixton gigs were the 22nd and 23rd May but Joe’s infamous disappearance on the boat rain to Paris on April 21st meant that the UK tour dates were all postponed to July/August.

The band were re-energised after  a  2 week break since the end of the North American tour and further pumped up to be playing again in London and particularly at the Brixton Fair Deal, which had special meaning for Paul and Mick. Recordings exist of both shows but the first night’s one is sadly poor but the energy and passion of the band still comes through. Although not well documented aurally the gig is  in other ways with excellent live photos and music and national press reviews and a fanzine article. 

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from the Casbah Club Tour period

All the drama of Joe's disapearance, Toppers sacking, cancelled tour, rescheduled dates ... All clippings in one stream; Link | or PDF

Video and audio from the Casbah Club Tour period

Down at the Casbah Club Tour

Jul 10 London - Brixton Fair Deal
Jul 11 London - Brixton Fair Deal
Jul 12 Aylesbury - Stoke Mandeville Hospital Sports Stadium
Jul 13 Stoke - Victoria Hall, Hanley
Jul 14 Newcastle - City Hall
Jul 15 Newcastle - City Hall
backstage interview
Jul 17 Bradford - St Georges Hall
new date - resheduled from the 11th May
Jul 18 Birmingham - Bingley Hall
Jul 19 Derby - Assembly Rooms
BBC Radio Derby with Mick and Kosmo 11mins / 10mins
Jul 20 Leicester - De Montfort
... includes the soundcheck
Jul 22 Irvine - Leisure Centre
Jul 23 Edinburgh - Playhouse
Jul 24 Inverness - Ice Rink
Jul 25 Edinburgh - Playhouse
Jul 26 Leeds - University
Jul 27 Poole - Arts Centre
Jul 28 Portsmouth - Guildhall
Jul 30 London - Brixton Fair Deal
Jul 31 Brighton - Brighton Centre
Aug 2 Bristol - Locarno
Aug 3 Bristol - Locarno

Know Your Rights Tour

Just 6 days after the final UK tour date at Bristol The Clash were back on stage at Red Rocks in Colorado; the crazy number of gigs played in 1982 following Joe’s Paris disappearance a major catalyst in worsening the already wide gulf between Joe and Paul with Mick to eventual breaking point a year later.

The long second US tour (originally scheduled to end on 8th September), the huge success of both Combat Rock and its singles in the US charts and the experience of playing stadium gigs supporting The Who (inevitably) took its toll on their individual psyches and left them questioning the future direction of the band and in Terry’s case a decision to quit.

Extensive archive of articles and of articles, magazines and other from the Know Your Rights Tour period

Video and audio from the Know Your Rights Tour period

Know Your Rights Tour

Aug 9 Morrison CO - Red Rock Amphitheatre
Aug 11 Saint Paul MN - Civic Center
Aug 12 Chicago IL - Aragon Ballroom
Aug 13 Chicago IL - Aragon Ballroom
Kosmo Interview with Eric Beaumont aka Eric Blowtorch Interview 25mins
Aug 14 Grand Rapids MI - Civic Center
Aug 16 Detroit MI - Grand Theatre
Aug 17 Akron OH - Civic Theatre
Aug 18 Pittsburgh PA - Stanley Theatre
Aug 21 Seattle - Centre Arena (hoax)
Aug 22 Boston - Orpheum Theatre 22/23/24
not sure these 3x Boston dates were ever booked.
Posters possibly fakes?
Aug 20 South Yarmouth MA - Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
Aug 21 South Yarmouth MA - Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
Aug 23 South Yarmouth MA - Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
Aug 24 South Yarmouth MA - Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
Aug 26 Philadelphia PA - Penn Rink
Aug 27 Philadelphia PA - Penn Rink
Aug 28 Providence RI - Civic Centre
Aug 29 West Hartford CT - Agora Ballroom
Aug 31 New York NY - Pier 84
Joe & Paul on CBS New York News before Pier 84.
Sep 1 New York NY - Pier 84
Recording also includes Mick playing at the Lounge afterwards with Johnny Thunders
Sep 2 New York NY - Pier 84
... includes the soundcheck
Sep 4 Montreal - Verdun Auditorium
Sep 5 Toronto - CNE Grandstand
City Limits - before gig interview
Sep 7 Boston MA - Orpheum Theater
Sep 8 Boston MA - Orpheum Theater
Sep 17 Should I Stay or Should I Go 7" &12 single released
Sep 25 Philadelphia PA - JFK Stadium (WHO)
Sep 26 Buffalo NY - Rich Stadium (WHO)
Sep 30 Detroit MI - Pontiac Silverdome (WHO)
1 track - Police on My Back
Oct US interview with Paul & Mick 5mins
Oct Canadian TV New Music 7mins
Oct 2 Binghampton NY - Univ. of New York "SUNY"
FM radio interview, all band members
Oct 3 Troy NY - R.P.I. Fieldhouse
Oct 4 Burlington VT - University of Vermont
Oct 6 North Dartmouth MA - SMU
Oct 9 NBC-TV “Saturday Night Live New York NY
Oct Joe & Paul on CBS New York News
Oct 12 New York NY - Shea Stadium (WHO)
Oct 13 New York NY - Shea Stadium (WHO)
Oct 15 Williamsburg VA - William and Mary Hall
Oct 16 Pittsburgh PA - Carnegie-Mellon University
Oct 17 Kent State OH - Memorial Gym, Kent State Univ
Oct 18? Louisville KY - [Did this take place?]
Oct 20 Seattle WA - Kingdome (WHO)
Oct 22 Sacramento CA - Memorial Auditorium
Oct 23 Oakland CA - Alameda County Stadium (WHO)
Oct 29 Los Angeles CA - Memorial Colisseum
Oct 29 US Radio - Off the Record w/Mary Turner 47mins
Oct 31 New Jersey - Ozone Park - Any recording labelled Ozone Park New Jersey is Bonds 9 June 81
Nov 27 Kingston, Jamaica - Montego Bay
Jamaican World Music Festival at the Bob Marley Centre
Dec 28 Recording House of the Ju Ju Queen
Studio – Wessex
House of the Ju Ju Queen
Sex Machine

Line Up: Janie Jones - vocals, Joe Strummer – guitar, Mick Jones – guitar, Paul Simonon – bass, Mickey Gallagher - keyboards. Charley Charles – drums, Mel Collins - saxophone. Source – “The Complete Clash” page 146, Discogs

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