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Audio 1

Sound 2 – 1st gen – poor - 1hr 40mins – 28 tracks -

Safe European Home


Many thanks to Simon Kay for circulating in 2009 his recording, which was taken direct from the taper’s master tape onto a Convenience Disc. Whether quality was lost in the transfer is not clear but the circulating recording is sadly of poor sound quality.  The taper also made the artwork of the petition (link) and shown in the e intro of Let's Rock Again.

There is some clarity but it suffers from distance, lack of range and quality. Joe’s

addresses to the audience and adlibs in songs are largely unclear. Instrumentation can be heard but Topper sounds like he is hitting bin lids. For collectors only.

An extra show is added after a successful petition

An extra show is added after a successful petition to get the Clash to play Christchurch (organised by Mary Rose Wilkinson). The group appear on stage to a soundtrack of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; opening with a great extended instrumental from Headon and Jones.

The didn't have Christchurch scheduled on their tour itinerary, so a bunch of locals got together & put out a petition in the record shops to get them to play Christchurch, & they sent it to the promoter, consequently The Clash found out & decided to squeeze a gig in there. The Christchurch guy who recorded the gig made the petition into the artwork. The actual petition is shown in the intro of Let's Rock Again.

A gig was not scheduled in the South Island city of Christchurch. But a group of  locals led by Mary Rose Wilkinson got together and put out a petition in the record shops to get The Clash to play Christchurch and sent it to the promoter, Stuart Mackintosh (links).

Consequently The Clash found out and decided to squeeze a gig in there. The 2008 Mysterex article New Zealand Music and Culture (see link opposite)
includes recollections of the gig including an anonymous contribution

I hitched over from the West Coast to see this. I kinda knew Mary Rose and Mary who organised the extra gig in Christchurch. The most amusing thing I heard about that was from Maryrose who said Jim Wilson, local promoter and disliked because he seemed to be the only person making money out of music in Christchurch in the 80's, came over and sneered "I can't believe TWO GIRLS got the Clash!" Oh and the gig was absolutely bloody marvellous.


Radio U Petition for the Clash to play the South Island

Concert was a result of a petition started by fans

This concert was a result of a petition started by fans through Radio U, a student station in Christchurch, after the band initially announced tour dates only in Auckland and Wellington 2. The petition successfully brought The Clash to the South Island, and a Christchurch date was subsequently announced 2, 1.

The concert itself was quite infamous. Two songs into their set, Joe Strummer, the band's frontman, stopped playing mid-song 8. This was due to some audience members in the front row spitting on the band, a disrespectful act that led Strummer to unleash a tirade 4. Despite this incident, the concert is remembered as a significant event in the history of the Christchurch Town Hall 4.

Members of Christchurch's student radio station, Radio U...


When punk rocked up to her door, Hynde opened it knuckles barred. She partied with Sid and Johnny and shared rehearsal space with Mick Jones before he formed The Clash.

Even The Clash had an infamous moment at the Christchurch Town Hall.

Members of Christchurch's student radio station, Radio U - Mary Richardson and Maryrose Crook (artist and member of The Renderers) and station manager Michael Higgins - drafted a petition that brought The Clash to play at the venue on Monday, February 8, 1982.

The promoter who brought The Clash to Christchurch, Stewart Macpherson, now describes it as "a blur" and doesn't remember the notorious incident where, two songs into their set, audience members spat on members of the punk band.

The dripping shower of spit lobbed by some boot boys at the front of the stage caused Clash frontman Joe Strummer to stop playing mid-song.

He retaliated with an angry tirade at the thought of catching hepatitis from a well aimed spit gob to the mouth.

"I must admit my memory from back then is rather vague," says Macpherson. "I do recall Joe Strummer being quite an engaging character when he wasn't on stage. Certainly they were passionate, as a band, about their music and what it represented politically."

While someone was spitting on the Clash, across the foyer in the James Hay theatre, TVNZ was recording an episode of That's Country, fronted by the late Ray Columbus.

"I do remember that night," Columbus told me in 2011. "Quite often when those shows like The Clash came through, we were in the middle of rehearsal and it did clash with us, so to speak. I couldn't get away to see them, I would have in a heartbeat. There are many great memories of that venue."

The Christchurch Town Hall has played host to some memorable concerts by New Zealand favourites like Crowded House, Shihad and Bic Runga, among others.

Columbus often described Christchurch as the "spiritual home" of That's Country.

Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Christchurch Town Hall, located in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a significant example of Brutalist architecture and has played a central role in the city's cultural life since its opening.

Officially opened on September 30, 1972, by Governor General Sir Denis Blundell, the Town Hall was the first new town hall in New Zealand in nearly 50 years at the time of its construction 4, 16. Designed by the architectural firm Warren and Mahoney in response to a competition, the complex includes an auditorium, a theatre, and other facilities 13. It has been described as the "city's living room" and is known for its innovative and acclaimed acoustics 6.

The Christchurch Town Hall is a landmark in New Zealand civic architecture, particularly unique for being the first totally new town hall in the country for several decades. Its design was the result of a rigorous competition, and it was developed in collaboration with Dr. Harold Marshall, an acoustic consultant, based on his newly devised theories for the acoustic design of large auditoriums 7. The building is a well-known example of Brutalism, a style that emerged as a response to post-war austerity and the expressive use of concrete 6. The design is modernist, with forms evolving from their functions, as evidenced by the oval drum of the main auditorium, the fan of the James Hay Theatre, and the box of the stage tower 7.

It has undergone significant restoration, especially after the 2010/2011 earthquakes that caused substantial damage to the building and the land beneath it. A public outcry led to the Christchurch City Council committing to restoring the complex in 2015, with the fundamental principle being "to do as little as possible but as much as necessary" 612

Poor sound quality

Due to the poor sound quality the most interesting performances is the rare  Corner Soul performance and the extended adlibs on Jimmy Jazz etc.

After the intro music Joe addresses the very lively sounding audience “Sorry to keep you waiting but it’s a long way from Wellington by camel! And the first tune is called”.  It sounds like a similar audience to Auckland and during One More Time Joe stops the band and launches into an angry rant at those gobbing at him, “You think it’s a joke” rest is unclear but evidently Joe said he could die from hepatitis still believing (almost certainly wrongly) that his 1978 bout of hepatitis was caused by ingesting someone’s spat phlegm.

Performances again sound fine, tight and pumped up. Joe evidently adlibbed about New Romantics again in White Man.

Joe again intones the intro to Clampdown but although mostly unleat they are different from the Auckland words which in turn were very different from the studio London Calling version.

Edits lose the last third of Jimmy Jazz and the first half of Tommy Gun. Unusually it appears the gig ended with Career Opportunities and certainly the recording stops there.

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The Christchurch Star review

9 Feb 1982

Christchurch Magazine

Review of protest

NZ Herald: History made The Clash

8 Feb 2012

Archived PDF

History made: The Clash, Christchurch Town Hall - NZ Herald

Two songs into the show, it was nearly called off

Christchurch Town Hall's 50 years of famous acts : Newsline

To mark the 50 year anniversary of the Christchurch Town Hall, we’ve had a look through the archives to pull out some of the famous acts that took to the stage over the last five decades.

One of the most infamous shows was The Clash in 1982. It took a petition to get them to the city – originally only Wellington and Auckland shows were announced and then two songs into the show, it was nearly called off. Joe Strummer, the band’s late frontman, had been covered in spit from the people in the front row so stopped the song to unleash a tirade on the audience. Maybe not the best concert the Town Hall has ever seen, but possibly one of the most notorious.

The Clash in New Zealand: Revolution Rock

From RNZ Music – 4 February 2012

1982 saw one of the first tours by a British punk band since the beginnings of the movement six years earlier, when iconic punk band The Clash played Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in February 1982.

New Zealand had one of the most active punk scenes in the world and fans were more than ready to welcome The Clash when they finally arrived.

Among those fans were future TV presenter John Campbell, radio personality Martin Devlin, filmmaker Jonathan King and others (Andrew Schmidt, Deejay Dubhead, Benny Staples, Haunui Royal, Adam Holt, Stewart Macpherson, Paul Rose, Jonathan Ganley, Martin Devlin, Michael Higgins and Dave Yetton), who share their memories of the historic tour that helped shaped the sound of New Zealand music.

Hear recordings from the actual shows along with a few outrageous stories that cropped up along the way.

Joe Strummer interview, Wellington 1982

1982 – RNZ

Topper Headon interview, Wellington 1982

1982 – RNZ

Roadrunner Australian music newspaper

Clash Shock

5th February 1982

Roadrunner Australian music newspaper

Clash review

5 March 1982

The not so-loud Clash of punk symbols

The Age, Sydney Review


Four Rude Boys who like to Clash

Sydney Morning Herald

Tropic of Clash


Australian/Sydney interview with Strummer on their day off in Sydney

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Safe European Home
The Guns Of Brixton
Train In Vain
Janie Jones
Magnificent 7
Ivan Meets GI Joe
White Man in Ham Palais
Wrong Em Boyo
Junco Partner
Police & Thieves
Stay Free
Brand New Cadillac
Corner Soul
Koka Kola
I Fought the Law
Somebody Got Murdered
Clash City Rockers
The Leader
Armagideon Time
Complete Control
Jimmy Jazz
Police on My back
Career Oportunities

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