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Chris reviews his favourite 27 bootlegs

"10 Best Clash boots"
A review - not by us though! The reviewer has referenced BMC and after listening to around 70 (out of over 200) tapes has produced his own helpful review...

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The Clash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Clash were an English punk rock band that formed in 1976 as part of the original wave of British punk. Along with punk, their music incorporated elements of...
Discography -Joe Strummer -Topper Headon -Mick Jones

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Official Wiki discography of The Clash.

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Discogs catalogues all CD/LP releases official, most unofficial, as well as compilations. The link takes you to the p.age listing unofficial realeses (bootlegs)

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The Clash setlists - largely taken form blackmarketclash!

The Clash - classic punk - early history
The Clash were classic punk - this site covers their early history and the formers bands of Clash members..

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A huge listing of live Clash releases (bootlegs, of course).

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A very informative page about several of the Clash' live bootlegs.

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Dons Clash web site with loads of links.

El Doghouse
featuring ex 101er Richard Dudanski

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A fans recollection and memories of the Clash.

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A fan page for Joe Strummer.

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Your one-stop Clash fan clearing-house. Articles, photos and cartoons of the Clash available nowhere else on the Web. A fan's eye view of the Clash...

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London's Burning! - The Clash Music Resource: Home Page -- The Clash
Includes bio, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, message boards and more.

The Clash
Another fan site with pictures and a discography.

The Clash
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Your Clash news and information resource.

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A list of Clash memorabilia for sale.

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A tribute page to the Clash.

The Clash! - The Only Band That Matters!
The main purpose of this site is to promote trading of Clash-related concert CDRs and tapes.

The Clash: And We Danced - Dance Music of the 80s
Profile of The Clash's This is Radio Clash.

Westway to the World - The Clash
The site dedicated to the 1999 live album, "From Here To Eternity", and a video documentary, "Westway To The World".

and finally God Save the Sex Pistols - the best Pistols site out there.

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We Saw the Clash

I Saw the Clash at Bonds
Great Facebook page recalling The Clash's 17 night residency in New York.

The Clash on Stage / Blackmarketclash
The Clash on Stage / Blackmarketclash is the most comprehensive biography of The Clash on stage, in the studio, on film with links to rare recordings.

The Clash Blog

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash
Facebook page of the recent Clash film

The Clash on Parole

Loving The Clash

The Legend Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer / The Clash

The Joe Publix

The Clash on Stage @blackmktclash
The Clash on Stage / Blackmarketclash is the most comprehensive biography of The Clash on stage, in the studio, on film with links to rare recordings.

The Clash (@TheClash) | Twitter
30.4K followers. "London Calling was first released 35 years ago today. Can you pick a favourite track from the album?
A fantastic collection of Punk photo's. Added to all the time. Jenny was a mad Clash fan who got privilaged backstage access.
Mont De Marsen Festival,
Rainbow May 77,
ANL 78
Video shoot April 77
+ general shots

Belgium 77 /78
Brixton July 82 and Brixton Mar 84
scans are available on Dave Moon’s excellent site;

Orchard Park, New York
September 1982.
Swansea on the White Riot Tour

large collection of professional Clash & Strummer photos
large collection of professional Clash & Strummer photos
Bob Gruens photos
lots of clash 80 photos here

fan site
large collection of professional Clash & Strummer photos
Rockscene 85, Brixton 84 Havavna 3am and many more original pics for sale..

Jennys Clash photos
various pics from 1979 in the USA and 1980 in the UK

Mike Frigerio's Passaic 1980 pics

Clash Sort it Out 
Clash Photographer Dave Smithan

If Music Could Talk messageboard
Most popular messageboard for the Clash with those with an eye for [a lot] detail !!
The lovely Tami has a great site for articles and recent happennings with plenty of info/links.

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
A page that deals with some of the post-Clash work that Joe has done.

Ever wondered where the Clash got their leather jackets?

The answer is from Lewis Leathers, Britain's oldest motorcycle clothing manufacturer, which has been around since 1982. Fast forward to 1956 and Lewis Leathers produced the Bronx, the first motorcycle jacket targeted at Britain's Rock & Roll / Ton-Up teenagers, from here-on-in the only leather jacket for any British teenager to be seen in was a Lewis Leathers original.

When Punk arrived 20 years later, motorcyclist Paul Simonon headed-off with Joe (and Bernie probably holding the chequebook) to Lewis Leathers and the trio picked-out the Lightning jacket which had become the Rockers choice as the 70's wore-on, Paul & Joe wore these jackets right up to the end of 1979 and were followed by Damned guitarist Brian James & the Pistols Steve Jones, who wore his Lightning in the Pretty Vacant video. Not to be outdone Mick Jones got down to the Lewis Leathers shop a year or two later and picked out a Cyclone jacket, the same model was worn by Chrissie Hynde on the first Pretenders album cover.

Lewis Leathers are still producing these same high quality jackets in the UK made to the same exact standard as they were in their heyday, check them out at <>

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I saw The Clash at Bonds - excellent
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Jun 76 - Black Swan , five piece ....

Sept 76 - 100 Club, London gigs ....

Dec 76 - Anarchy Tour ....

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Feb 79 - Pearl Harbour US Tour ....

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Dec 79 - Acklam Hall Secret Gigs ....

Jan 80 - 16 Tons UK Tour ....

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May 80 - 16 Tons UK/Europe ....

May 81 - Impossible Mission Tour ....

Jun 81 - Bonds Residency NY ....

Sep 81 - Mogador Paris Residency ....

Oct 81 - Radio Clash UK Tour ....

Oct 81 - London Lyceum Residency ....

Jan 82 - Japan Tour ....

Feb 82 - Australian Tour ....

Feb 82 - Hong Long & Thai gigs ....

May 82 - Lochem Festival ....

May 82 - Combat Rock US Tour ....

July 82 - Casbah Club UK Tour ....

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Oct 82 - Supporting The Who ....

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1986 onwards - Retrospective

74-76 - Joe with the 101ers ....

Jul 88 - Green Wedge UK Tour

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Oct 89 - Earthquake Weather UK ....

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Jun 99 - Comeback Festival dates ....

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April 02 - Brooklyn NY Residency ....

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