Jun 76 - Black Swan , five piece ....

Sept 76 - 100 Club, London gigs ....

Dec 76 - Anarchy Tour ....

Jan / Mar - Early 77 Gigs ....

May 77 - White Riot UK Tour ....

Jul 77 - European Dates ....

Oct 77 - Out of Control UK Tour ....

Jan 78 - Sandy Pearlman UK Dates ....

Apr 78 - UK Festival Dates ....

Jul 78 - Out on Parole UK Tour ....

Oct 78 - Sort it Out UK Tour ....

Feb 79 - Pearl Harbour US Tour ....

Jul 79 - Finland + UK dates ....

Sep 79 - Take the Fifth US Tour ....

Dec 79 - Acklam Hall Secret Gigs ....

Jan 80 - 16 Tons UK Tour ....

Mar 80- 16 Tons US Tour ....

May 80 - 16 Tons UK/Europe ....

May 81 - Impossible Mission Tour ....

Jun 81 - Bonds Residency NY ....

Sep 81 - Mogador Paris Residency ....

Oct 81 - Radio Clash UK Tour ....

Oct 81 - London Lyceum Residency ....

Jan 82 - Japan Tour ....

Feb 82 - Australian Tour ....

Feb 82 - Hong Long & Thai gigs ....

May 82 - Lochem Festival ....

May 82 - Combat Rock US Tour ....

July 82 - Casbah Club UK Tour ....

Aug 82 - Combat Rock US Tour ....

Oct 82 - Supporting The Who ....

Nov 82 - Bob Marley Festival ....

May 83 - US Festival + gigs ....

Jan 84 - West Coast dates ....

Feb 84 - Out of Control Europe ....

Mar 84 - Out of Control UK ....

April 84 - Out of Control US Tour ....

Sep 84 - Italian Festival dates ....

Dec 84 - Miners Benefit Gigs ....

May 85 - Busking Tour ....

Jun- Aug 85 - Festival dates ....

Sept 85 - European Tour ....

Jan 86 - Far East Tour ....

1986 onwards - Retrospective

74-76 - Joe with the 101ers ....

Jul 88 - Green Wedge UK Tour

Aug 88 - Rock the Rich UK Tour ....

Oct 89 - Earthquake Weather UK ....

Oct 89 - Earthquake Weather Euro ....

Nov 89 - Earthquake Weather US ....

Jun 99 - Comeback Festival dates ....

July 99 - Short US Tour ....

July 99 - UK Tour ....

Aug 99 - Festival Dates ....

Oct 99 - UK Tour ....

Nov 99 - Full US Tour ....

Dec 99 - European Xmas dates ....

Jan 00 - Australasian Tour ....

May 00 - Mini UK Tour ....

Nov 00 - supporting The Who Tour ....

Jul 01 - UK & US Instore Tour ....

Oct 01 - Full US Tour ....

Nov 01 - Japanese Tour ....

Nov 01 - Full UK Tour ....

April 02 - Brooklyn NY Residency ....

Jun 02 - UK Festivals ....

Jul 02 - Hootenanny Tour ....

Aug 02 - UK Festival Dates ....

Sep 02 - Japanesse Dates ....

Nov 02 - Bringing it all Back Home ....

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This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1981 with info. If you have any corrections please email blackmarketclash

‘Impossible Mission’ Tour

When The Clash hit the stage in Barcelona on the first night of the ‘Impossible Mission’ Tour, they had not played live for over 10 months; the longest such gap in the band’s history.

Not that they had been idle during this time far from it. They had been engaged in an exhaustive period of recording, producing and promoting. Marcus Gray’s book has a very good detailed account of this time. Whilst other rock stars would have enjoyed a rest in their tax-free Caribbean hideaways The Clash after 5 years together, 4 albums, critical acclaim and world wide renown were £500,000 in debt to CBS and Joe had been turned down for a mortgage on a modest flat!

No Sandinista Album Tours

Not touring to promote the album release seemed further commercial suicide, however this was not their original intention as they announced an exhaustive UK tour in December. By January though this was amended to selected dates and by February the tour was cancelled altogether. The chief reason being the refusal of CBS to provide tour support. Epic’s same response to a later proposed 60 date US jaunt meant that this tour too did not materialise.

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from Impossible Mission Tour of Europe period

Video and audio from Impossible Mission Tour of Europe period

In the studio

Jan 16 Hitsville UK 7" single released
Feb 17 Sprit of St Louis album released
Apr 10 Magnificent Seven - 7" single released
Apr 21 Open Access (Pirate) radio
Apr 24 Magnificent Seven - 12" single released
April Recording Combat Rock
Studio – Marcus Music, Kensington Gardens Square, London
This is Radio Clash
Car Jamming
Sean Flynn

Line Up: Joe Strummer – vocals, guitar, Mick Jones – guitar, Paul Simonon – bass, Topper Headon – drums, kalimba on “Sean Flynn”, Gary Barnacle - saxophone, sub bass octave on a Roland synthesizer triggered by his Saxophone on “Sean Flynn”. Source – “The Complete Clash” page 146, Uncut July 2022

Impossible Mission Tour

Apr 27 Barcelona - Pavillion Juventual
Apr 28 Madrid - Real Madrid basketball stadium
Apr 29 Lisbon - probably didn't happen
Apr 30 Cascais - Pavilhão Dramático
May 1 Bilbao - Sports Hall
May 2 San Sebastian - Velodromo de Anoeta
May 4 Bordeaux - Palais des Sports
May 5 Lyon - Palais des Sports
May 6 Lausanne - Palais de Beaulieu
May 7 Zurich -
May 8 Paris - Hippodrome de Pantin
Paris Interview Paul Mick RADIO 7
May 9 Lille - Palais St. Sauveur
May 10 Amsterdam - Japp Edenhall,
Early 81 KRO Dutch Radio Interview 48mins
May 11 Brussels - Forest National,
May 12 Hamburg - Musikhalle,
May 14 Copenhagen - Idrottshuset
May 15 Gothenburgh - The Scandinavium,
May 16 Stockholm - Isstadion
May 18 Berlin - Eissporthalle
May 19 Munich - Circus Krone
May 21 Milan - Velodromo Vigorelli
May 22 San Remo -
May 23 Florence - Stadio Comunale
Florence Interview Paul
May Rome
May 26 Milan - The Bullring or Arena Civica
Usually named from Londonderry boot LP which was the 23rd. Probably did not take place.

Bonds residency

...play on music: “6 Seconds To Watch” by Ennio Morricone, from For A Few Dollars More...Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five are among the opening acts...after the first gig of the original seven-show run, the NYC fire marshall orders the club closed for safety reasons; eventually, the shows are rescheduled to accomodate all ticket-holders...

A strike in Britain had left 5 British bands in the UK and only 3 managed to make it with the Clash. Only the Slits, Funkapolitan and The Equators, who were slated for the matinee shows, made it. Left behind were the remains of Selector, The B-People , The Bell Stars, Aswad and most of all Theatre of Hate whom Mick had produced their debut album.

There were two opening acts each night: one British or Jamaican and one American. Hopefully the correct artists are listed by the correct dates. Support Acts included Grandmaster Flash and the Treacherous Three, The Sirens, The Sugerhill Gang, Funkapolitan, Lee Perry, Texan bard Joe Ely, and a forgotten horn-section-and-skinny-tie band called the Nitecaps. And, plucked fresh off the stage of CBGB's, Miller Miller Miller & Sloane and a KRAUT who had formed 3 weeks earlier with only 3 demo songs and who never played live. Plus bands that showed The Clash’s continuing identification and admiration for punk; The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Fall, The Slits, and The Bloods (not to mention The Brattles!). ESG a womans funk band from New York. The Rockets and the Equators were scheduled for the first matinee show which got cancelled.

Extensive archive of articles and magazines from the 17 night Bonds residency

Video and audio from the 17 night Bonds residency

Bonds residency

May 23 WNEW FM Bonds Meg Griffin 'Clash Week' 46mins
May 28 New York - Bonds, Times Square
It is presumed that significant footage comes from the first night but it is also highly likely it came from other nights.
May 29 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Some of the official Don Lets footage may also come form this or other nights, notjust the first night. New footage has been refound on the Clash on Broadway reels - but either convereted nor released. Original Clash on Broadway reels

Huell Howser Talks To The Clash 7mins
May 30 New York - Bonds, Times Square
May 30 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Matinee & Evening shows cancelled by NYC Building Dept followed by protesting fans on Times Square

There is a considerable collection of both radio and TV news clips from the riot at Bonds.

Some private footage of the trouble outside the venue exists.
May 31 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 1 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 2 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 3 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 4 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 5 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 5 USTV Tom Snyder - Tomorrow Show
Video includes; the show, the show filmed from behind the cameras; and some backstage
Jun 6a New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 6e New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 8 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 9 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 10 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 11 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 12 New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 13a New York - Bonds, Times Square
Jun 13e New York - Bonds, Times Square

July 25 Leeds - Roundhey Park, supporting Rolling Stones

Rehearsing and recording at Ear Studios

The Clash energised and unified by the success and Stateside impact of the Bonds residency hung about New York briefly then returned to London. America had again had a major impact on the band although with diverging outcomes for each Clash member. Being immersed in the emerging hip hop and rap culture in New York had not surprisingly pushed Mick’s enthusiasm for these new musical forms onto a whole higher level, so much so that the others called him “Wack Attack”. It was not though an especially affectionate nickname as Joe’s enthusiasm for hip hop and dub were cooling; his interests conversely in the roots of American music had grown. Paul too was more interested in pursuing his classic rockabilly interests. For Topper New York sadly meant the temptation of easy access to drugs and his heroin problem continued to worsen.

In August 81 Mick brought his New York generated influences to play when producing his groundbreaking mixes for the 12” release of Radio Clash. When in early September they came to rehearse, write new songs and record their follow up to Sandinista the band’s diverging musical tastes exacerbated growing disunity within the band. Record production was an associated problem; Mick of course was increasingly into the techniques of the modern studio whilst Joe was saying the best records in his collection were produced live in a basic studio. Moreover after the expense and accusations of indulgence recording Sandinista, Joe, Paul and Bernie wanted to record the follow up cheaply and quickly in the UK.

A compromise was agreed to use the Stones mobile recording studio set up in Ear Studios rehearsal room located in the Peoples Hall, Freston Road, in the shadow of the Westway. Freston Road had similarities with Vanilla and Pat Gilbert’s book details the intriguing background.

On 29th August Guy Stevens overdosed on pills and on the 17th September The Clash recorded their Midnight To Stevens tribute.

Paris residency

New songs came quickly and the band took a break in September and October from recording to tour Europe or rather after the success of Bonds to play 3 further residencies in Paris, Vienna and London (plus the Radio Clash mini tour of UK). Bernie’s idea of playing residencies appealed to the band as they involved less travelling, had a bigger impact and gave them the chance to soak up the atmosphere of a city.

All 7 nights at the Mogador Theatre were sold out, indeed due to overselling   another 500 were crammed in above the 2000 nominal capacity. Paris had long been a “Clash city” and the sardine can feel inside, along with the impressive 3 tier setting created an atmosphere in the theatre that was sheer electricity. 

Extensive archive of articles from the Paris residency

Audio and video from the Paris residency

Paris residency

Sept Recording Combat Rock
Studio – Ear Studios, The People’s Hall, Frestonia, London
Overpowered by Funk
Long Time Jerk
Midnight to Stevens (1981-09-17)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
First Night Back in London
Know Your Rights
Inoculated City
Ghetto Defendant

Line Up: Source – “The Complete Clash” page 116, Super Black Market Clash, Clash on Broadway (Stevens location, date), The Clash FAQ (page 267)
Sep 23 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 24 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 25 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 26 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 28 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 29 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Sep 30 Paris - Theatre Mogador
Broadcast by WRTL - wanted
French TV filmed one of the nights produced by Freddy Hausser for Midday News. It features Safte European Home and a short interview by Marc Zermati, a friend of the Clash and the promoter of the Les Nuites Punk in April 77 and the Monte De MArsen Festival that year as well
French TV Antenne 2 recorded in anearly gig at Paris all of Safe European Home plus backstage Interview - edited in and out - but what circulates is in a low qulaity format. Also there are 2 minutes of Mick Jones with Futura 2000 from a French TV apperance
The Up and at 'Em LP is suggested to be a compilation across a few/all nights? Interesting if true.
Oct 2 Vienna - Wiener Stadthalle, Club 1
Clash TV Special' Austrian TV "Ohne Maulkorb" the only show for youngsters on Austrian state TV - Vienna, Austria
Oct 3 Vienna - Wiener Stadthalle

With typical ‘no break’ Clash touring arrangements the band flew straight after the Paris residency to play two nights in Vienna (documented by the excellent Austrian TV segment on The Clash on TV Vol.1 DVD) and then flew straight onto the UK and begun their much delayed UK tour in Manchester on October 5th.

Called the Radio Clash tour it was actually only 2 nights in Manchester and Glasgow plus 6 provincial dates. Plus in keeping with Bernie’s touring plan since his return the tour ended with seven nights at London’s Lyceum. With typically poor business practice thanks to CBS the tour marketed a new single that would not hit the shops until after the tour had finished in November!

The music scene in Britain had changed markedly since their last UK tour and the UK music press (but not the mainstream newspapers) continued to ridicule The Clash as typified by Barney Hoskins NME review of a Lyceum show.

Extensive archive of articles, magazines and other from the Radio Clash dates

Video and audio from the UK Radio Clash dates

London residency and UK dates

Oct 5 Manchester - Apollo
Oct 6 Manchester - Apollo
Oct 7 Glasgow - Apollo
Oct 8 Glasgow - Apollo
Oct 10 Bridlington Spa - Royal Hall
Oct 11 Sheffield - Lyceum
Oct 12 Liverpool - Royal Court
Oct 15 Plymouth – Saint Austell Colisseum
Oct 18 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 19 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 20 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 21 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 22 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 25 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Oct 26 London - Lyceum Ballroom
Nov 20 Radio Clash 7" single released

The Clash finish the year back in the USA finishing off the single This is Radio Clash and recording Combat Rock.

Extensive archive of articles, magazines and info from late 1981

Video and audio from late 1981

In the studio

Nov Recording Combat Rock
Mid-November- late December, Studio - Electric Lady
Atom Tan
Cool Confusion
Straight to Hell
Red Angel Dragnet
Idle in Kangaroo Court
Beautiful People Are Ugly Too
Rock the Casbah
Death is a Star
Escapades of Futura 2000
Once You Know

Line Up: Joe Strummer – vocals, guitar, Mick Jones – guitar, Paul Simonon – bass, Topper Headon – drums, Futura 2000 – guest vocals on “Overpowered by Funk” and “Escapades of Futura 2000”. Tymon Dogg - piano on “Death is a Star”, vocals and violin on “Once You Know”. Allen Ginsburg – guest vocals on “Ghetto Defendant”. Ellen Foley – backing vocals on “Car Jamming”. Joe Ely – backing vocals on “Should I Stay or Should I Go”. Tommy Mandel (as Poly Mandell) – keyboards on “Overpowered by Funk”. Gary Barnacle – saxophone on “Sean Flynn”. Kosmo Vinyl - vocals on “Red Angel Dragnet”. Engineer – Jeremy Green Source - Clash FAQ (page 268), Complete Clash (for Futura info)
Nov New York Unbroadcast cable TV Interview 60mins
Nov New York?
Joe and Mick in studio mixing Know Your Rights-10 minutes, interviewed; wanted
Nov BBCR1 Kid Jensen
Interview Joe Strummer talking from NY .. 16mins / 29mins/ 32mins
Nov Interview - Electric Lady Studios, NYC - Combat Rock - The Clash 3mins
Dec Joe Interview New York (Gun Shaped 7") 15 mins
Nov 20 This is Radio Clash 7" single released
Dec 4 This is Radio Clash 12" single released