Know Your Rights Tour
Supported by Trouble Boys

updated 13 Feb 2012 - full gig review

Audio 1 -
Sound 3 - 1hr 34min - 3rd gen? - tracks 24

Career Opportunities

Only one audience recording circulates although several versions circulate.

A version from Adam is a little inferior to one described as 3rd generation. Although a notch better quality, the recording sounds very similar to the first night tape so maybe from the same taper. It has a good full enjoyable sound capturing The Clash twin guitar sound well. Vocals good too but bass distortion presumably on the master tape is a problem. An upgrade nearer to the master would be very welcome.

The Clash added a second night in Austin due to demand for tickets. A good audience recording (notch better than the first night) captures one of the stronger performances from the tour including the addition of Joe Ely on the first encore, make this one certainly worth seeking out. 

See the first night in Austin review for all the background info. Margaret Moser ‘s article in the Austin Chronicle includes how Alice Berry and her band the Trouble Boys came to be the support band going down much better than Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band, who they replaced.


The only recording source in circulation includes all of the usual Morricone intro which fades as Joe greets the audience with a “Howdy you-all!” and the band launch into London Calling. Joe’s vocals are clear and committed with echo effects and Mick plays his solo straight. Clash City Rockers second song in the set sounds like a rallying cry to the band; hard and intense Mick & Joe belting out the vocals. A strong start.

“Please would you welcome with some of your Texas hospitality Mr Terry Chimes on the drum kit” Car Jamming is OK, the bass drum blown out on the tape, and particularly the ending of the live arrangement again lacks interest. “Here’s the big man”; Guns of Brixton has plenty of depth provided by Mick’s inventive guitar and Paul’s scratchy rhythm guitar. On his Train in Vain Mick, unlike for many songs, made only minor changes to the live arrangement over the years. The main interest therefore is Mick’s extended playing over the final coda but too often as here in 1982 there’s a lack of variation/inspiration. 

“I’m afraid what we’ve got next for you is a Victorian folk song” and the band slam into Career Opportunities Again fast and exciting; the band were enjoying playing it again in 82. Magnificent Seven is not short of energy and commitment but with Terry it’s less inventive; similar each night. Joe leads into the bridge with “its time to cut out all the drummers and bass players in the universe” 

“Alright going to the Black Ark” is Joe’s link into Lee Perry’s (studio) Police and Thieves. Mick again plays it straight on the solo; the ‘drop out ‘ section of drum and bass again the most interesting part. The song does not build well then and there is no rant from Joe. A just OK performance.

Joe introduces Spanish Bombs with “This is for all the wetbacks in the audience” [A slang term for Mexicans, especially illegal aliens. This slur stems from the fact that illegal Mexicans usually swim rivers to cross into other countries, also from Operation Wetback in 1949]. Mick’s playing is much more inventive here. “Woah, woah woah” screams Joe and Mick breaks into the opening chords of Police On My Back. Mick belts out his vocals with Joe continuing the woahs behind him!

After an edit Joe says “The following is a public service announcement y’all!”  Mick and Joe’s interplay close to the ending of Know Your Rights is certainly different but not especially effective. In Strummer Spanish Joe then intros a strong Rock The Casbah. “I said down the road”; Joe’s favourite makes a rareish appearance and his strong vocals on Junco Partner with echoed screams makes for one of the most interesting performances on a good if not great night.

Brand New Cadillac is strong and energetic as is Somebody Got Murdered.

This is Radio Clash” with a funky riff at start; strong tight  and effective.  

Joe plays a few chords by way of introduction then Mick and band slam into the set closer, Clampdown (a new intro!). Although still nowhere near as explosive and exciting as the Topper performances (misses the Headon talent) Mick and Joe add plenty of energy. Joe adlib; “and I hear they ask on the street hey where is this eh clampdown, and what is this clampdown they ask, I say I don’t know but I say it starts ???  and it runs through every second of the TV and it’s pouring out of all the radio and its coming out of every measuring device, the Geiger counters…” 

The recording continues through the microphone check and audience cheers to the first song of the encore, which is not Armagideon Time (unusually not played tonight) but Jimmy Jazz,(to vary the set from the first night. Jimmy Jazz rarely disappoints live and does not here. Mick plays a new clunky chorded intro which is actually rather effective and inventive. The song is not extended nor does it have a memorable long Joe improv although he does manage a  “..deep down in the valley with Bonnie & Clyde to the west of Dallas in a bog, he was high..”” but it is very enjoyable and a highlight of the show.

“Can we get Mr Taco Burrito Mr Joe Ely out here!” shouts Joe and the two friends reprise their studio backing vocals on Should I Stay or Should I Go; thus a unique live version. Joe Ely then sings lead vocals on his ‘Fingernails long so they click when I play the pianner’ It’s a very raw and basic rock’n’roll accompaniment not helped by Terry’s limitations but enjoyable nevertheless. The Texas connection continues with I Fought The Law with Joe Ely staying on stage to lend backing vocals.

The second encore (one more than the night before!) begins with a shouted 

“I’m in love with a Janie Jones  woah”  intro from Joe; the band hitting the audience with a three card trick finale of ‘punk’ favourites Janie Jones (the best), Safe European Home and Garageland.  

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Venue location

‘Near the southern shore of Town Lake, City Coliseum looked more like an aircraft hanger than a special events center. The reason for that is that is WAS an aircraft hanger, at least until the city of Austin purchased the structure from the US government in 1940 and converted it. The homely old building would go on to host many a gathering over the years and saw some up and coming artists play there. 

In recent years the number of events staged there had dwindled as other venues sprang up. The nearby Palmer Auditorium, Austin Convention Center and even the Burger Center presented a nicer surrounding than the aging hanger. In recent years the city-wide garage sale and Carnival Austin were the major users of the facility. 

The last event to be held at the Coliseum was the Austin Lyric Opera's production of "Rigoletto" on May 20, 2002. The destruction of City Coliseum did not raise any outcry. Still, some Austinites had some attachment to the place and the city saw a way to satisfy citizen interest and fiscal responsibility. So, on Saturday, October 19, 2002 the city and demolition company held an open house and sold for bottom dollar anything that was not bolted down. Well, anything that was not bolted down too tightly. A section of one of the brick walls was knocked down and bricks were made available for the taking. 


London Calling
Clash City Rockers
Car Jamming
Guns of Brixton
Train in Vain
Career Opportunities
Magnificent 7
Police and Thieves
Spanish Bombs
Police on My Back
Know Your Rights
Rock the Casbah
Junco Partner
Brand New Cadilac
Somebody Got Murdered
Radio Clash
Jimmy Jazz
Should I Stay or Should I Go
I Fought the Law
Janie Jones
Safe European Home

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from Setlist FM (cannot be relied on)

from Songkick (cannot be relied on)
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& from the newer Concert Database

Also useful: Ultimate Music datbase, All Music, Clash books at DISCOGS

A colection of articles, interviews, reviews, posters, tour dates from May and June around the West Coast and south of the USA.

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Rock the Capital
Austin Chronicle

"It was traumatic," recalls Chris Layton about Double Trouble's first-night opening slot for the Clash at the City Coliseum in 1982. "We were warned that the Clash's audience hated everyone, but we figured, 'Hey, this is good ol' liberal Austin!'" more

Career Opportunities
Austin Chronicle

The Clash's concert had sold out so quickly that the band had decided to add a second night and were looking for an opening band. She suggested I go to the Continental Club that night and give a cassette of my band the Jitters to their manager, Kosmo Vinyl. When I got to the club, it was obvious that the word had spread, since the place was crawling with other hopefuls. more

Revolution Rock
Austin Chronicle - 17 Jan 2003

This repeats the two articles above.

Anti Clash Flyer handed out outside
Disgruntled punks complaining that Clash=Cash

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Interview Video - Top quality - 3 mins approx -
all 4 band members on a railway station at Lochem Festival -
broadcast in New Zealand which causes some confusion

Asbury Park - 30 May   - cable colour TV - widely circulated - 8 tracks
Spanish Bombs, Radio Clash, Garageland, Armagideon Time, Somebody Got Murdered (cut), Straight to Hell, Should I Stay or Should I Go, I Fought the Law.

Asbury Park - 30 May  Video  1 - cable colour TV - rarely seen - 4 tracks - (can't find online but circulates amongst collectors)
Mostly interviews withh Mick, Don Letts, then Paul, then Kosmo. Interview with the fans outside. Cuts into ending of Know Your Rights. Clampdown. Clash City Rockers, Brand New Cadilac

Radio interview - Joe Strummer Interviewed by Lisa Robinson around June 1982

Radio interview BBC R1 Kid Jensen Joe interviewed after being found

BBC Radio 1 - Joe before his disapearance + interview- with the band after including BAD interview

BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen 1982

BBC Radio 1 Rock On Mick interview on Sandinista & the realese of Combat Rock

BBC Radio 1 Interview with Kid Jensen May 1982

BBC Radio 1 Interview with Kid Jensen Mick, Paul & Kosmo talking about Joe Strummer disappearing 2 May1982

BBC Radio 1 Interview with the band, -part 2 Mick, Combat Rock Interview

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