Out of Control Tour
The Clash go Back to Basics - USA Spring Tour

updated 24 June 2006
updated 2 Feb 2008
updated 9 Jan 2010 - added Margarets photos and punters comments

Audio 1 -
Sound 3 - ??gen - 1hr 16min - 21 tracks
Copied to many times. Some bass distortion and distance.

Safe European Home

Audio 2 -
Sound 2.5 - 1hr 11min - 21 tracks - 5th gen - upgrade
An improvement on Audio 1, poorest of them all but listenable. A good 2.5!

Safe European Home

Audio 3 -
Master (Bills) - Sound 3 - 1hr 14mins - 21 tracks
Big improvement but a bit tinny at the top end. Anotehr recording that benefits from an EQ.

Safe European Home

Audio 4 -
Alt master - Sound 3.5 - 1hr 15mins - 21 tracks
An alternate master. The best.

A BLUESDEVIL MASTER - Length: 1 hour 14 minutes
Source: Master cassette audience recording
Quality: Good (on a scale from 1 to 5, maybe a 3) Decent Clash II show with the unreleased "Pouring Rain" and "Ammunition" played. Things really went into high gear in last quarter of set. Some parts of the tape are slightly muffled, probably due to me ducking from security!! Not perfect, but Still an enjoyable listen. - PLAY IT LOUD!

Safe European Home

New upgrades keep appearing. The latest al master is much clearer with a better balenced bass. Very enjoyable.

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I was at the CLASH Fort Lauderdale '84 show. There were a few interesting stories that night! Also, I have a second generation recording of the show. I got it from a fellow named Bootleg Bill who taped many many shows in the Fort Lauderdale area at the time (heck, he may even still be at it). It's a pretty good tape- I give it a 7.5 out of 10 for quality. Please let me know if you'd like a copy or any stories. -mt

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The most boring place on Earth.. and the Clash are coming to town! Dude, NOBODY of the Clash's stature play in Florida. Nobody! This is big news! My friends and I (the only punk rockers in our suburban development) get our tickets immediately. True, it's not the 'real' Clash (no Mick Jones), but hey a fake Clash is better than no Clash.

A few weeks before the show, a controversy develops. The Clash are playing the Sunrise Music Theatre, a venue which has hosted its fair share of rock shows, but specializes in a more upscale performer. The interior walls of the lobby are decorated with pictures of Frank, Sammy, Englebert those kind of people. Upscale performers attract an upscale audience- the kind of people who will happily fork over a premium charge for the 'dinner seats'.

The dinner seats are the best seats in the house. Purchase of a dinner seat includes, as you might have guessed, dinner. Probably Chicken McNuggets, but I'm only guessing because I could NEVER afford one of those seats.

As one could guess, this being a Punk Rock show, the punks weren't too happy with this dinner seat jive. A hue and cry was raised and I have a vague memory of a petition going around (don't take my word 100% on that, though).

However it happened, the band heard about our dilemma and intervened with the venue management to make ALL seats available at the same price. I seem to recall that it was a bit of a struggle, but the Sunrise Music Theatre eventually caved in. A victory for the people brought to you by the Clash!

After all that, I thought show was a bit anticlimactic. I'd already made up my mind that the band probably wasn't going to be that good. Certainly not authentic. Also, I'd read that the Clash were one of the loudest bands in the world and I was ready to be pummeled. They opened with 'London Calling' and my immediate impression was of how UNLOUD and distant the band sounded.

The music didn't batter me like I was hoping to be battered. There were TV sets (or some kind of video screens) all over the stage showing clips of battle scenes and whatnot. There was much tough guy posing from the new kids, Paul was just kind of there, and Joe was wearing white pants, a white jacket, and I think a blue Hawaiian shirt. He was sporting his Mohawk and kept holding his head while he sang, as if he had a headache. He grimaced like he had a headache, too. He occasionally played third guitar and my thought at the time was 'Why''. The sound was murky enough to where his playing was inaudible.

Overall, between my own bias and the poor sound and the weird presentation with all the TV sets and the obvious posing and Joe's apparent pain in the head, I was a bit disappointed by the show. Not disappointed enough to miss a chance to meet the band, though. The people I went to the show with wanted to get backstage.

Not really my scene, but whatever. There was a whole mob of us outside by the backstage door after the concert. We hung out there for a long time and as the evening wore on, the crowd thinned out quite a bit. Finally, after quite a wait, this Rasta dude opened the door and said in a thick Jamaican accent 'Do you want to meet the Clash'' We of course said 'YEAH' so he said 'Come wit' me' and he led us through the labyrinthine backstage area (where mere mortals are not normally allowed) to the dressing room and there they were!

It was pretty weird for a young kid like myself to suddenly be face to face with the people who I'd just seen on stage in a big theatre- especially Joe and Paul. I'd been reading about them and looking at their faces on album covers for years and there they were. Just like that. All of the band members had girls on their arms.

Joe had one particularly well know Clash groupie as his entertainment for the night (later I found out that it was through her efforts that the whole dinner seat fiasco was put to rest. Still later I learned that she was a bit more than a mere groupie, but that's another story for another time). The new guys especially seemed to be enjoying their female companionship.

I looked over at Nick Sheppard just in time to hear him make a witty remark to one of his chicks. 'Oh, I see they're letting longhairs in tonight', referring to my then (and still) shoulder length hair. I walked over and asked for an autograph, which made him wince a bit. Good!

Then I found myself face to face with Paul Simenon. He was very polite. I felt a need to talk to him. This is how it went:
ME: So, uhhh, do you like playing punk or reggae better'
PS: Both.
ME: (silence)
PS: (silence)
ME: Oh.
PS: Excuse me, I have to go.
ME: O.K.!

I wonder how many 'conversations' like that poor old Paul has had in his life'

My friend (who I had a band with) gave Joe a copy of our record which he graciously accepted. He actually seemed interested in our little 45. I remember his girl looking at me with contempt. I finished getting my autographs and it was time to go home- or so I thought. One of the people I was with found out that the band was staying at a local Holiday Inn and wanted to resume the party there. We drove around for a while trying to find it (against my will) but had no luck, so the night was finally over.

Many years later I finally heard a recording of the gig and it wasn't half bad. The renditions of the oldies were OK but the new songs showed a lot of promise. In fact, this particular tape kindled within me an intense interest in the latter day Clash. I realize now that they were a good band and had a lot to offer- if they had been allowed to. I often ask myself 'What if' What if that band had been allowed into the studio to record Cut The Crap Clash history would have a happier ending and that band would have gotten a fair shake.

I listen to that bootleg of the Clash in Fort Lauderdale quite a bit these days. Now I wish I'd been more open minded about that band's capabilities (I also wish the acoustics had been better at the show). I think I would have enjoyed the gig very much. At least now, more than 20 years later, through the wonder of modern bootlegging, I'm able to.

PS Though the concert technically took place in Sunrise, Sunrise is merely a subdivision (one of too many) of Fort Lauderdale.

the clash played the sunrise musical theater in march of 1984. it was the "out of control tour" without Jones, Headon or Chimes, so we called them "we are not the clash" because we were young a-holes. i'm happy that the lighting was fairly bright--there was a lot of jostling in the crowd especially during the older tunes. if it had been dark or there had been a lot of the dreaded red lights, more of these would have been blurry.

I remember having seats in the 4th row and running up to the front when everyone "made their move" as was the habit there in those days. Some lady was mad at this because she had paid like three times as much for front row tix. (It was a dinner theater so you got better seats if you bought their food.)

She took it out on me. I guess because I was the only punker smaller than she was, I was the least menacing. She was maybe 30 at the time, but seemed older than dirt and very uncool--like she was playing hooky from a boring office job. I remember she was wearing a Clash shirt from the previous tour and thinking "geez, at least you've gotten to see them somewhere. how 'bout letting us poor schmucks stuck in Florida have a crack." (This was the first and only appearance of the Clash in South Florida as far as I could remember.) Anyway, she was so bitchy that she reported me to a security guard for taking these pictures, and when he did nothing to stop me, she moved up and shoved her hand in front of my lens. I tried to grab it a couple of times, and I finally had to tell her that I was going to crack her arm on the stage if I managed to get it the next time. Fair warning. Thankfully, she didn't test me and we have these nice pictures.

It has me thinking though. This was such a different era. For some reason, they didn't like you taking pictures of rock bands back then and you often couldn't take cameras into shows. They thought you were going to make money off them or not spend money on the pictures they were selling, I guess. How pointlessly stupid.

And I remember on a couple of occasions having the film taken. OMG, that 16 year old girl is taking pictures---she's probably the head of an Italian poster printing syndicate and will be making tons of money off these pictures she's taking with that beat up old camera. And I remember that people were quick to try to stop you as if it was their duty to protect these people from having a geeky 16 year old girl preserve memories of her existence on this earth. Lame.

Sunrise Musical Theater was a performing arts center located in Sunrise, Florida. It opened in 1976 hosting concerts and processions. The seating capacity of the theater was 3,732. In 2002 it was taken over by the Faith Center Ministries and made a place of worship.


London Calling
Safe European Home
Are You Ready for War'
Rock the Casbah
This is England
This Is Radio Clash
Three Card Trick
The Guns Of Brixton
Spanish Bombs
Police and Thieves
In the Pouring Rain
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven
Janie Jones
I Fought the Law
Tommy Gun
I'm So Bored with the USA
Brand New Cadillac
White Riot

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A collection of interviews, features, articles and tour information from April to August 1984.

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Rock fans protest at seat policy
Fort Lauderdale News - Fri Mar 30 1984

Clash of ideas
The Miami Herald - Fri Mar 30 1984

The Clash might be considered the "grand old men" of the British new wave. Since their U.S. debut in 1978, they've outlasted scores of fad groups with a raw, almost militant stance. The group will be at the Sunrise Musical Theatre at ...

The Clash face up to their clashes
The Miami News - Fri Mar 30 1984

THE CLASH in concert tomorrow night at 8 at the Sunrise Musical Theater. Commercial Boulevard and Northwestilth Avenue, Sunrise. Tickets $12,15 or $2850, which includes dinner...

Clash breaks political and sound barriers
The Miami Herald - Mon Apr 2 1984

Special to The Herald

More than six years after tho Clash's first album became a land-mark in British punk rock, the Clash made its South Florida debut., it wasn't the same band, but ill wasn't bad....

Checkout Vince White's Clash biog, The Last Days of the Clash

We Are The Clash: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Last Stand of a Band That Mattered
By Mark Andersen, Ralph Heibutzki

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The Clash - Toronto Bus Interview April 1984

Joe Strummer interviewed by Lisa Robinson for WNYC?

This 2-part interview presents polar extremes of Joe Strummer. The first part most likely takes place in late 1983, after Mick Jones left the band but before the new Clash line-up started touring together. The majority of this segment involves Strummer heatedly discussing all the reasons Jones was fired. He then goes on to talk animatedly about the new incarnation of the band and how everyone in America is on drugs.

In the second part of the interview, recorded in the beginning of 1984, Strummer sounds melancholy and exhausted. However, with the departure of Mick Jones from The Clash being old news by this point, Lisa Robinson is able to steer the questioning towards what Strummer makes of performing, success, and his music.

Part 1
00:00 Why Mick was fired: emotional blackmail
01:15 Bitterness
01:56 Success vs. personal problems
02:48 Mick's vision for the band / guitar synth
03:59 Who/what constitutes The Clash
06:10 Making a not-so-great Clash album: Combat Rock
07:05 Glyn Johns saves Combat Rock (as per Joe Strummer)
07:55 Glyn Johns ruins Combat Rock (as per Mick Jones)
08:35 Forcing Mick Jones to sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
10:22 An honorable way for a band to go out
11:00 The two new guitarists (Vince White, Nick Sheppard)
11:39 Hoping to be possessed
12:40 A divorced writing partnership with Mick / "Death is a Star"
14:02 Writing with Paul Simonon / road-testing new songs
14:55 Pete Howard on drums
15:07 Recording a new album
15:49 The US Festival
16:46 Everybody in America is on drugs
18:29 [phone]: Mick Jones' response

Part 2
00:00 Other aspirations / graphic artist
00:51 Growing up with a diplomat father
01:57 A feeling of homelessness
02:29 Slagged for being middle-class
02:59 The reaction in Britain to the disbanding of The Clash
03:45 Taking some criticisms to heart
04:25 Not enjoying playing in stadiums
05:45 Crowd behavior / whose fault
07:13 The ideal performing situation
07:49 Pros and cons for The Clash getting bigger
08:30 Avoiding the problems of The Who
09:09 The commercial success of Combat Rock
10:48 [A false start]
11:07 Joe's opinion of The Clash's music
12:11 Musical influences
12:45 The blues boom of the 60's in Britain
15:05 Re-selling R&B to the U.S.

Joe Strummer Interview Ltd Edition picture disk

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