Out of Control US Tour April/May 1984
Supported by Heavy Manners

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Audio 1 -
Sound 5 - 14min - 4 tracks

Safe European Home

Audio 2 - different copy, slightly different sound
Sound 5 - 14min - 4 tracks

Safe European Home

Give Em Enough Dope CD - Visit the Clash on Stage website for a comprehensive catalogue of unofficially released CD's and Vinyl.

Four excellent tracks, booted on the EP Chicago Shakedown and later on to the boot Give Em Enough Dope CD compilation from the vinyl as master.

Full track list opposite.

Give Em Enough Dope CD: The CD combines 3 EPs released from May 1984, all with great sound including the best version of the unreleased In the Pouring Rain. Clash 84 were a great live band and this is some of the best of their live performances.

Chris Knowles - The Essential Clash Bootleg Bible includes this gig

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6pm The Clash

Did you go? What do you remember?
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The Aragon show, in Chicago in 84, it was indeed the hottest show I have ever witnessed.  I too, was pressed up against that black painted barrier in the front.  Billy Bragg came out to play some acoustic set.  I don't remember if it was before the "reggae" band or between sets.  The "premise" of the night was that they were marching on a bomb depot center in Iowa...
Would be interested to see if any of the others recall this.  I did buy a shirt that night.  It was unbearable after that.  Not because it got ripped up, but because the humidity in that place...it never held a proper shape... I'll never forget... Awesome ! Shooter

The show was sold out and my brother could not get a scalped ticket out front and had to wait outside during the entire show, while a friend of mine and I witness a stunning high energy punk rock show.  Some Reggae band was the opener and while I think they were slightly well known I cannot remember their name. 

The reason I mention this is the Reggae band played a very long set which began to wear down the crowd.  Then the Clash took a full hour and half to come on stage after the warm up finished. There was a massive anticipation of what the post-Mick Jones Clash would sound like, we had heard it was a "return to basics" etc, but without Mick our expectations were not very high and we realised we would not being seeing the quintensentail Clash. 

The Aragon did not have air conditioning back in those days and it was a very hot day for Chicago at that time of year.  It was well over 100 degrees in the club.  Joe and Co came out and did very firey versions of London Calling and Safe European Home, Joe then said "If this is the Windy City...then where is all the fucking wind?"  It was miserable hot. 

The pit area was very rough and I came home with few good bruises holding my ground down near the front.  I also remember the sound level was unusually loud, during some points in the show the music all blended together and sounded like an air-horn going off in you ear.  My ears rang for three days afterwards.  The crowd was completely won over by the new Clash and I remember great versions of Junco Partner, Clampdown, Guns Of Brixton, Police and Theives, Clash City Rockers and Janie Jones. 

The set list from the other shows around this time look pretty close to what we got, they ended the show with I'm So Bored With The USA and finally White Riot. The new material sounded really good and I thought the new album, which took a year and half to come out after this show, would be great.  When I finally heard Cut The Crap, I was stunned by how different and dissapointing it was compared to the live spectacle I saw at the Aragon that night. 

I was there as well 1984 Aragon Ballroom......a sweaty packed mass of people .........you literally could not move.... if the crowd swayed to the left you were going with them, it was like being in raft at sea you just went with the tide.  Joes famous line that night captured on the "Give 'em enough dope" boot was "The windy city..if this is the windy city where is the fucking wind?" Clash II that 1984 I was senior in High school...........where have the years gone?  SmokeM 

I first saw THe ClASh 26 years ago at The Aragon Ballroom 1979 I was 12 years old. My Mom helped me sneek in without a ticket got me past the door by saying I just wanted to buy a t-shirt..........once in I was gone up the stairs never to be seen until the end of the show while my parents waited for 2 hours in the car........... then again in 1982 same venue I was a sophomore in high school. The greatest band ever!! -Autumn

The famous and historic Aragon Ballroom built in 1926 is still used today as a concert and other venue. The Aragon was designed in the Moorish architectural style, with the interior resembling a Spanish village. The Aragon was an immediate success helped by its proximity to the Chicago 'L' (elevated railway). 

During the 1970s, the Aragon was home to so-called "monster rock" shows; which were marathons of rock and roll acts often lasting six hours or more. The shows gained a reputation for attracting a tough crowd, leading to the nickname, "the Aragon Brawlroom." 

In 1973, Latin promoters Willy Miranda and Jose Palomar, who had promoted Hispanic dances and concerts in Chicago for years, became owners of the Aragon. They soon teamed up with rock promoters Arny Granat and Jerry Mickelson, who used the hall for their rock concerts. With a 4,500 seated and standing capacity the venue hosted The Clash in 1979, 1982 and again in 1984.  

Tracks recorded at Chicago


Clash City Rockers
Three Card Trick
Safe European Home
White Riot

Collection of soundboard tracks bootlegged on the Give Em Enough Dope CD





Train In Vain
Washington Bullets
Ivan Meets G.l. Joe
Career Opportunities
Janie Jones
Clash City Rockers
London's Burning
Live at Sun Plaza Hall,
Tokyo, Japan, 1 February 1982

Are You Ready For War?
Complete Control
In The Pouring Rain
Live at Paramount Theatre,
Seattle, Washington, USA, 30 May 1984

Sex Mad War
Janie Jones
Straight To Hell
Brand New Cadillac
Live at Oregon University,
Eugene, Oregon, USA, 29 May 1984

Clash City Rockers
Three Card Trick
Safe European Home
White Riot
Live at Aragon Ballroom,
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 17 May 1984

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A collection of interviews, features, articles and tour information from April to August 1984.

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The South Bend Tribune - Sun May 13 1984

Grrrrr - The old fight is still there in the angry, reconstituted Clash
Chicago Tribune - Sun May 13 1984

New Clash rock with intensity
Chicago Tribune - Sat May 19 1984

Star Tribune letters page -
Thu May 31 1984

Checkout Vince White's Clash biog, The Last Days of the Clash, page 148

We Are The Clash: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Last Stand of a Band That Mattered
By Mark Andersen, Ralph Heibutzki

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The Clash - Toronto Bus Interview April 1984

Joe Strummer interviewed by Lisa Robinson for WNYC?

This 2-part interview presents polar extremes of Joe Strummer. The first part most likely takes place in late 1983, after Mick Jones left the band but before the new Clash line-up started touring together. The majority of this segment involves Strummer heatedly discussing all the reasons Jones was fired. He then goes on to talk animatedly about the new incarnation of the band and how everyone in America is on drugs.

In the second part of the interview, recorded in the beginning of 1984, Strummer sounds melancholy and exhausted. However, with the departure of Mick Jones from The Clash being old news by this point, Lisa Robinson is able to steer the questioning towards what Strummer makes of performing, success, and his music.

Part 1
00:00 Why Mick was fired: emotional blackmail
01:15 Bitterness
01:56 Success vs. personal problems
02:48 Mick's vision for the band / guitar synth
03:59 Who/what constitutes The Clash
06:10 Making a not-so-great Clash album: Combat Rock
07:05 Glyn Johns saves Combat Rock (as per Joe Strummer)
07:55 Glyn Johns ruins Combat Rock (as per Mick Jones)
08:35 Forcing Mick Jones to sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
10:22 An honorable way for a band to go out
11:00 The two new guitarists (Vince White, Nick Sheppard)
11:39 Hoping to be possessed
12:40 A divorced writing partnership with Mick / "Death is a Star"
14:02 Writing with Paul Simonon / road-testing new songs
14:55 Pete Howard on drums
15:07 Recording a new album
15:49 The US Festival
16:46 Everybody in America is on drugs
18:29 [phone]: Mick Jones' response

Part 2
00:00 Other aspirations / graphic artist
00:51 Growing up with a diplomat father
01:57 A feeling of homelessness
02:29 Slagged for being middle-class
02:59 The reaction in Britain to the disbanding of The Clash
03:45 Taking some criticisms to heart
04:25 Not enjoying playing in stadiums
05:45 Crowd behavior / whose fault
07:13 The ideal performing situation
07:49 Pros and cons for The Clash getting bigger
08:30 Avoiding the problems of The Who
09:09 The commercial success of Combat Rock
10:48 [A false start]
11:07 Joe's opinion of The Clash's music
12:11 Musical influences
12:45 The blues boom of the 60's in Britain
15:05 Re-selling R&B to the U.S.

Joe Strummer Interview Ltd Edition picture disk

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