Out of Control Tour
The Clash go Back to Basics - European Tour

updated 2 Sept 2016 with better audio information

Audio 1 -
- Sound 3.5 - 1hr 17mins - unknown gen - 24 tracks
has Kosmo intro and gap with fans

Are You Ready for War?

Audio 2 -
- Sound 3.0 - 1hr 18mins - unknown gen - 24 tracks
same source as above just not quite as good?

Are You Ready for War?

Audio 3 -
- Sound 3.5 - 1hr 21mins - unknown gen - alternate source - 24 tracks
very thin but clearer with heavy bass EQ. Misses few seconds of Kosmo intro. At teh strat of London Calling someone nearer the taper shouts 'Paul' not on source 1/2.

Are You Ready for War?

Audio 4 -
- Sound 3.5 - 1hr 22mins - unknown gen - 24 tracks
same source as 1 & 2

Are You Ready for War?

Link to Satch's

The recording is a touch distant and has reasonable range and clarity of sound with some very mild distortion. The drums are clearly audiable as are the lead and vocals as ususal but the bass is lost. There may be slight upgrades to this knocking around.

Did you go? What do you remember?

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We Are The Clash:
Reagan, Thatcher, and the Last Stand of a Band That Mattered

By Mark Andersen, Ralph Heibutzki

While Europe, appropriately enough, was soon to come on the itinerary, The Clash followed its Barrowlands concert with dates in Manchester, Leicester, and Bristol. The shows quickly sold out, and audience reaction was strong, if not universally positive. While devotees of Mick Jones or British pop were likely unsatisfied, this rough-and-ready Clash was proving to be blisteringly good.

Given that it had less than two months under its belt, the band was on top of its game, and Strummer was in good spirits. The vocalist's freshly cut Mohawk signaled confrontation, beginning with his own audience. In Leicester, he wrangled good-naturedly with some fans—including die-hard gobbers—and introduced himself as "Mick Jones" before "Are You Ready for War?"

Near the end of the set, shouting erupted in the crowd as Strummer announced "Tommy Gun." The singer waved off the band and stopped to listen. Hearing a litany of Jones-related complaints, Strummer spoke gently: "Can I ask you one question? Who understands why we had to change?" When only a few people raised hands, he responded, "Well, that means I have to tell the rest of you

With that, Strummer's voice shifted, rising from a conversational tone to a near scream: "The Clash was going nowhere—it was going to DIE! GOODBYE!" When this explanation failed to settle the matter, the singer challenged with biting humor: "What's your contribution to the scheme of things? What color are your underpants? This is the question that must be answered! I'll have the [tabloid scandal rag] News of the World on you . . ."

Satisfied with his repartee, Strummer then let the music talk. A twin-guitar crescendo ensued, heralding the long-delayed song, followed quickly by an equally fiery "I Fought the Law." This one-two punch was intended to leave anyone hard-pressed to deny that a genuine Clash was in the house.

Skepticism nonetheless was easy to find—and not simply due to the absence of Jones. In truth, the four big UK music weeklies —NME, Sounds, Melody Maker, followed by Record Mirror—had for years tended to savage anything The Clash did.

Sheppard laughs: "Somebody asked me once, 'Were you hurt by the bad reviews that The Clash got in England?' And I said, 'Well, they haven't had a good review since the first album—and that got panned by some people!'" I

t was not surprising when the first review—by Jim Reid of Record Mirror—found lots to criticize about the Leicester show. Decrying a "stultifying lack of imagination," Reid wrote, "The reconstituted Clash—three young blades, a Marlon Strummer, and a Mean Boy Paul—are five punky curators with a traveling `Museum of '77.' Muscular, energetic, and ultimately pointless."

Reid wrote that the powerful show put Leicester "under punk rule" for two hours, and allowed, "The issues The Clash deal with are important," before delivering the coup de grace: "It's just that the form they express them in has become meaningless . . . When Strummer screams 'White Riot' it doesn't mean anything."

Despite this, one gets the sense that—under his cynical pose—Reid liked the show, ranking new songs like "This Is England" and "Three Card Trick" alongside "the early—and best—Clash." Conceding that "a Clash show is nothing if not spirited," Reid concluded with a backhanded compliment: "As an exercise in nostalgia it sure dumps on the Alarm," a punk-inspired band then making waves alongside the likes of Big Country and U2, who were also summarily dismissed.

Hardened by past criticism in the weeklies, the band shrugged it off. Vinyl later made it clear the new Clash was "wasn't meant for them," as the unit was not interested in the pop-novelty merry-go-round ridden by these publications. "The Kleenex scene," scoffed Strummer. "Blow your nose on it and throw it away."

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London Calling
Safe European Home
Are you Ready for War
Know Your Rights
The Dictator
Rock the Casbah
The Guns of Brixton
This is England
Police and Thieves
Sex Mad War
Police on My Back
Three Card Trick
Tommy Gun
I Fought the Law
Complete Control
White Riot
Brand New Cadillac
Janie Jones
Career Opportunities
I’m So Bored with the USA

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On the Road with the Clash
Traxmarx - includes this gig

Live at Leicester - review

Vince White describes this gig extensively in his Clash biog, The Last Days of the Clash, page 78

We Are The Clash: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Last Stand of a Band That Mattered
By Mark Andersen, Ralph Heibutzki

Clash City Showdown - Paperback
1 Dec. 2003 - by Chris Knowles

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Joe Strummer Interview Radio Stockholm,
1 January1984

Joe Strummer Interview Ltd Edition picture disk

Interview with Joe Strummer and The Clash in Norway in 1984.

The Clash - Italy 1984 interview
Mister Fantasy - Italian TV - RaiUno
Broadcast 22 March

Joe Strummer of The Clash interviewed backstage pre show Milan Italy 1984. Taken from "Mister Fantasy. This is a very rare item. I had previously uploaded this a few years ago, but there was an audio fault and it always annoyed me, so I deleted the older version and uploaded this new one with the audio sorted. Taken from BASF L-750 Betamax tape archive number #080 digital archive #4018

Clash - 1984 Milan Italy News Show interview

Joe Strummer and The Clash interviewed pre show Milan Italy February 1984. This is a very rare item. I had previously uploaded this a few years ago, but there was an audio fault and it always annoyed me, so I deleted the older version and uploaded this new one with the audio sorted. Taken from BASF L-750 Betamax tape archive number #080 digital archive #4018

The Clash - "Jt. 13th" Interview (France) '84
Made from a second generation VHS-tape.

A longer version (below) is on Youtube but it is inaccesssible from the UK?

Joe Strummer interviewed by Lisa Robinson for WNYC?

This 2-part interview presents polar extremes of Joe Strummer. The first part most likely takes place in late 1983, after Mick Jones left the band but before the new Clash line-up started touring together. The majority of this segment involves Strummer heatedly discussing all the reasons Jones was fired. He then goes on to talk animatedly about the new incarnation of the band and how everyone in America is on drugs.

In the second part of the interview, recorded in the beginning of 1984, Strummer sounds melancholy and exhausted. However, with the departure of Mick Jones from The Clash being old news by this point, Lisa Robinson is able to steer the questioning towards what Strummer makes of performing, success, and his music.

Part 1
00:00 Why Mick was fired: emotional blackmail
01:15 Bitterness
01:56 Success vs. personal problems
02:48 Mick's vision for the band / guitar synth
03:59 Who/what constitutes The Clash
06:10 Making a not-so-great Clash album: Combat Rock
07:05 Glyn Johns saves Combat Rock (as per Joe Strummer)
07:55 Glyn Johns ruins Combat Rock (as per Mick Jones)
08:35 Forcing Mick Jones to sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
10:22 An honorable way for a band to go out
11:00 The two new guitarists (Vince White, Nick Sheppard)
11:39 Hoping to be possessed
12:40 A divorced writing partnership with Mick / "Death is a Star"
14:02 Writing with Paul Simonon / road-testing new songs
14:55 Pete Howard on drums
15:07 Recording a new album
15:49 The US Festival
16:46 Everybody in America is on drugs
18:29 [phone]: Mick Jones' response

Part 2
00:00 Other aspirations / graphic artist
00:51 Growing up with a diplomat father
01:57 A feeling of homelessness
02:29 Slagged for being middle-class
02:59 The reaction in Britain to the disbanding of The Clash
03:45 Taking some criticisms to heart
04:25 Not enjoying playing in stadiums
05:45 Crowd behavior / whose fault
07:13 The ideal performing situation
07:49 Pros and cons for The Clash getting bigger
08:30 Avoiding the problems of The Who
09:09 The commercial success of Combat Rock
10:48 [A false start]
11:07 Joe's opinion of The Clash's music
12:11 Musical influences
12:45 The blues boom of the 60's in Britain
15:05 Re-selling R&B to the U.S.

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