Out of Control Tour
The Clash go Back to Basics - European Tour

updated 2 Sept 2016 with better audio information

Audio 1 - master, and Audio 2 - 1gen

The master and the 1gen (both from the taper) both had faults. Luckily the taper had made that back up. Both were remastered to elimiate glitches which were in different places on the tapes. The remastered version that matters (3) below.

Audio 3 - mast & 1gen
Sound 3.5 - 1hr 31mins - 27 tracks

Glue Zombie

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Two excellent audience tapes here, (master and 1st gen) both with slightly differing faults. Firstly the overall sound on both is identical, loud and clear with a wide range and excellent clarity. The vocals, guitars, and bass come clear as does the different percussion/drums. Overall it has a nice mix and great sound.

The only minus's are a 'fraction' distance from the stage to the taper, a sniff of over amplification at high decibels and lack of pro fidelity on the sound. However this is a great tape, one of the best 84 tapes and as a bonus the best version of Glue Zombie, played only ever at Glasgow, Dremen and Stockholm from the 10th to 17th February 84.

The master is the best overall, just but suffers some horrible tape problems on the first two tracks primarily (from being left in the sun??), and the last two tracks have some very slight noise on them. The 1st gen? is also very good and has no tape problems on the opening tracks or elsewhere but in the encores the noise from the master is amplified and affects the quality of sound on the encores.

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This was a great performance with the band fired up particularly in the first half of the gig. Kosmo, as per on this tour, opens the show with his strapline, Pill Poppers Punk Rockers.... Joe goes energetically into London Calling / Safe European Home combo before relaxing to welcome the new members to the punters, humorously suggesting ‘that’s Joe Strummer on bass’ and ‘I’m Paul Simonon’.

The upbeat tempo continues with an alternate sequence of new songs. Are You Ready For War ends with Joe shouting are you ready for this?, and immediately the opening chords of a storming I’m so bored with the USA follows.

Unlike the previous night the gathered take no exception to the new tracks, the atmosphere very energetic as it would be throughout this sell out tour. But these pre-tour reviews are characterised by a more upbeat attitude and more of the new songs which did not go down well with the gutter-scribes, (the NME’s resident bullshitter, Steve Gaol gave this gig though a very positive review ). After a short burst into Europe, some of these songs would be axed for more old favourites in an effort to please.

There were outbreaks of violence particular with the bouncers at the front of the Apollo stage. The fracas had started from the end of the support act (the One O'Clock Gang?) as people surged over the fixed seats of this old cinema to the narrow front which caused some aggro. Sporadic bursts continued as the bouncers tried to halt the enthusiastic audience members unable to dance but anywhere on the front seats. Such is the quality of the sound on the tapes that these events seem largely unnoticeable.

Guns of Brixton is delayed while Paul lines up his harmonica and someone barracks Joe who shouts retaliatory, 'closet case.' Joe seems very motivated and follows ‘Guns’ with a political tirade against the Tories and the necessity for young people to register to vote (Labour). Such social concerns lead the band into a very rare unreleased song Glue Zombie, a great track which would have been the one of the best on the Cut the Crap.

Unlike Sweden, Dremen and Glasgow. Joe offers a different set of vocals and a subtle shorter end. Probably the best recorded version of this song is here at Manchester or possibly Stockholm.

This is England has a different arrangement and altered lyrics to the later version. The tape is turned over during Police and Thieves and about 10 secs is lost. The noisy crowd seems to have been mixed down on the recording allowing the band to come through clearly. This is most noticeable during Garageland when the roof went up 6 inches as the band cranked things up with a sequence of four crowd pleasing classics. Joe, energetic as ever gives his all here. By the end of throw everything at it White Riot, the band were knackered but were playing no matter what. Ammunition and a tired Tommy Gun follow before a final energetic Know your Rights.

Following the break the band came out for two encores 4 songs and then another 2. By now the Clash had given there all… the clash had brought hope to the oppressed…

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  • sst0158 - Jan 2019, 00:28  - User
    Was there as a 15 yr old, half-way back in the stalls. Train from Stoke. Fabulous atmosphere, much energy from band and audience. 21 months before the horrible "Cut The Crap" - but still plenty of passion in early '84 !

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    The Apollo was set in a wasteland that was the inner city Britain in the 80's, derelict, piss ridden, littered with broken glass and dogshit amongst the crubbling victorian rubble, broken walls and cracked pavements, rusted victorian railings with an ever present air of fear. A large old cinema still used, but without the seats nowadays, it has a balcony at the back.

    A two mile walk from the centre was a uneccessary introduction to the social exclusion that was Thatcher's Britain, This is England, a theme Joe took upon himself through these UK dates and occasionally overseas. No hope, No future and no Pistols, this was the Clash, the last chance of music making a difference in oppressive times. 1984 was an Orwellian year for Britain. The sellout tour had created ticket prices three and four times the face value. The Apollo may be a good venue inside, but it is a shit heap as well.

  • 1

    London Calling
    Safe European Home
    Are Your Ready for War
    Im So Bored with the USA
    Sex Mad War
    Guns of Brixton
    Glue Zombie
    White Man in Ham Palais
    the Dictator
    Complete Control
    This is England
    Police and Thieves
    Three Card Trick
    Rock the Casbah
    I Fought the Law
    White Riot
    Tommy Gun
    Know your Rights
    Brand New Cadialc
    English Civil War
    We are the Clash
    Clash City Rockers
    Janie Jones

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    The Clash go Back to Basics - European Tour
    THE CLASH - Manchester

    JOE STRUMMERs ridiculous Mohican razor job is the first clue. The Godfathers Of Punk are back and spitting fire, just like the old days they're- even doing White Riot'! "Ow many of yah are registered to vote?" barks Joe halfway through, before kicking the chocs on a newly penned ditty about the state of the nation. Politics? Leave it out, John!

    text version

    Vince White describes this gig extensively in his Clash biog, The Last Days of the Clash, page 78

    We Are The Clash: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Last Stand of a Band That Mattered
    By Mark Andersen, Ralph Heibutzki

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    Joe Strummer Interview Radio Stockholm,
    1 January1984

    Joe Strummer Interview Ltd Edition picture disk

    Interview with Joe Strummer and The Clash in Norway in 1984.

    The Clash - Italy 1984 interview
    Mister Fantasy - Italian TV - RaiUno
    Broadcast 22 March

    Joe Strummer of The Clash interviewed backstage pre show Milan Italy 1984. Taken from "Mister Fantasy. This is a very rare item. I had previously uploaded this a few years ago, but there was an audio fault and it always annoyed me, so I deleted the older version and uploaded this new one with the audio sorted. Taken from BASF L-750 Betamax tape archive number #080 digital archive #4018

    Clash - 1984 Milan Italy News Show interview

    Joe Strummer and The Clash interviewed pre show Milan Italy February 1984. This is a very rare item. I had previously uploaded this a few years ago, but there was an audio fault and it always annoyed me, so I deleted the older version and uploaded this new one with the audio sorted. Taken from BASF L-750 Betamax tape archive number #080 digital archive #4018

    The Clash - "Jt. 13th" Interview (France) '84
    Made from a second generation VHS-tape.

    A longer version (below) is on Youtube but it is inaccesssible from the UK?

    Joe Strummer interviewed by Lisa Robinson for WNYC?

    This 2-part interview presents polar extremes of Joe Strummer. The first part most likely takes place in late 1983, after Mick Jones left the band but before the new Clash line-up started touring together. The majority of this segment involves Strummer heatedly discussing all the reasons Jones was fired. He then goes on to talk animatedly about the new incarnation of the band and how everyone in America is on drugs.

    In the second part of the interview, recorded in the beginning of 1984, Strummer sounds melancholy and exhausted. However, with the departure of Mick Jones from The Clash being old news by this point, Lisa Robinson is able to steer the questioning towards what Strummer makes of performing, success, and his music.

    Part 1
    00:00 Why Mick was fired: emotional blackmail
    01:15 Bitterness
    01:56 Success vs. personal problems
    02:48 Mick's vision for the band / guitar synth
    03:59 Who/what constitutes The Clash
    06:10 Making a not-so-great Clash album: Combat Rock
    07:05 Glyn Johns saves Combat Rock (as per Joe Strummer)
    07:55 Glyn Johns ruins Combat Rock (as per Mick Jones)
    08:35 Forcing Mick Jones to sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
    10:22 An honorable way for a band to go out
    11:00 The two new guitarists (Vince White, Nick Sheppard)
    11:39 Hoping to be possessed
    12:40 A divorced writing partnership with Mick / "Death is a Star"
    14:02 Writing with Paul Simonon / road-testing new songs
    14:55 Pete Howard on drums
    15:07 Recording a new album
    15:49 The US Festival
    16:46 Everybody in America is on drugs
    18:29 [phone]: Mick Jones' response

    Part 2
    00:00 Other aspirations / graphic artist
    00:51 Growing up with a diplomat father
    01:57 A feeling of homelessness
    02:29 Slagged for being middle-class
    02:59 The reaction in Britain to the disbanding of The Clash
    03:45 Taking some criticisms to heart
    04:25 Not enjoying playing in stadiums
    05:45 Crowd behavior / whose fault
    07:13 The ideal performing situation
    07:49 Pros and cons for The Clash getting bigger
    08:30 Avoiding the problems of The Who
    09:09 The commercial success of Combat Rock
    10:48 [A false start]
    11:07 Joe's opinion of The Clash's music
    12:11 Musical influences
    12:45 The blues boom of the 60's in Britain
    15:05 Re-selling R&B to the U.S.

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