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Setlist from list written down. See below. Also includes the soundcheck setlist


Clash City Rockers
Brand New Cadilac
Safe European home
Jimmy Jazz
london Calling
Koka Kola
I Fought the Law
Rudie Can't Fail
Guns of Brixton
Train in Vain
White Man in Ham Palais
Wrong `Em Boyo
Stay Free
Tommy Gun
Police and Thieves
Janie Jones
Complete Control
Armagideon Time encore
English Civil War encore
Garageland encore
Revolution Rock encore2
Spanish Bombs encore2
London's Burning encore2

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16 Tons UK Tour


A collection of
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- Features
- Articles
- Tour information

A collection of articles, interviews, reviews, posters, tour dates January, February 1980 covering the period the 16 Tons tour of the UK.


Video and audio footage from the tour including radio interviews.


Return of the Last Gang in Town,
Marcus Gray


Passion is a Fashion,
Pat Gilbert


Redemption Song,
Chris Salewicz


Joe Strummer and the legend of The Clash
Kris Needs


The Clash (official)
by The Clash (Author), Mal Peachey


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No known audio or video

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ad supplied by Sarah Harvey


ticket supplied by Robert Wren

backstage pass supplied
by Pete Fairless

badge supplied
by Phil Meston

Hastings Pavilion


Link or Archived PDF

by Alan Esdaile. Interview from site.

Mark Gilham : This show was put on by our old manager John Curd

Andy Baldock : ..saw the gig in 1980. Also saw them at Brighton Top Rank either the next night or night after that.Saw some fab bands at the old Top Rank & &..

Phil Meston : I saw the Clash on the pier in 1980. Another souvenir from the Clash s 1980 gig on The Pier, the badge above

Mark Parsons : I was at this gig and still have my ticket stub which Topper autographed for me. I have this memory of Joe Strummer announcing that this was the first live performance of London Calling but the album came out in 1979 and they must of played it before. However it was a great gig and if memory serves they kicked the set of with Clash City Rockers.

Ian Wilson : Mark, did The Bodysnatchers play that night?

Mark Parsons : Hi Ian. I don t remember the Bodysnatchers but definitely remember the Slits playing.

Ken Copsey : Before starting at the 77 gig Joe Strummer announced   this ones a seaside special & Hastings is burning! Bang we was off! Didn t stay at the front for very long as complete pogoing mayhem ensued and thought 15 year old me might get trampled.This was one of the most memorable gigs I ve attended. Definitely the right place to be for a 15 year old in 1977. Funny how history is revised but I can remember London Calling not being that highly regarded when it came out, being redolent of the Clashes slide towards American stadium sell out status.O ·The Clash - Hastings Pier 12th January 1980

I was there

JulianBaker - @JulianCBaker

I saw The Clash play the Ballroom on the old Hastings Pier January 1980.  Probably my No.2 gig of all time. Remarkably the pier survived for a further 30 years before fire destroyed it.

Electric ballroom as Rockabilly Rudies turn on the style

Hastings Pier review

Set List

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