One of two secret gigs, hastily arranged for Christmas and Boxing Day 1979 prior to the Concert for Kampuchea.

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Two secret gigs, hastily arranged for Christmas and Boxing Day

Two secret gigs, hastily arranged for Christmas and Boxing Day 1979 were held for a combination of reasons; to thank their patient fans, as a warm up for the Kampuchea benefit performance on the 27th at the Hammersmith Odeon and because as Mick said no one in England has anything to do over the Christmas holiday.

Kosmo is reported in Bob Gruen’s book (which includes a number of photos from Acklam Hall, see below) as giving the reason that the Westway to the Clash is what Trenchtown was to the Wailers a physical and spiritual place, so the idea to play at Christmas was to do something for the community from which they came. It was home, Mick Joe and Paul all walked from their places to gig.



Acklam Hall, London off Ladbroke Grove

Acklam Hall off Ladbroke Grove, literally under the Westway is small place with a limited 250 capacity. It was 50p to get in same as the youth club held normally in the Hall. Mick had seen Joe playing with the 101’ers here.

A poster was given away at the Hall of the very recent Pennie Smith photos of the Clash in their US finery taken at Mick’s Nan’s flat in Wilmcote House. Tickets were in the form of a Christmas card from the band.

After the US tour grandeur it was back to Johnny Green and Baker with a transit for gear, and with the band heavily in debt The Clash skimped on the quality of the PA with the result that the sound was decidedly ropey. Mickey played organ, Kosmo in gold lame suit was MC and Bob Gruen played a bugle fan fare as the band hit the stage (Paul had evidently tried and failed to teach Baker to play it).

The band wore their Alex Michon designed bowling type shirts for the first time, which would remain their stage gear for most of 1980.

Kosmo paid for flyers from his own pocket but as the flyers were only posted after closing time on Christmas Eve and also because many must have thought it a wind-up ,attendance was sparse on Christmas Day. One special guest who did come and enjoyed herself was Stella, Mick’s Nan seeing her grandson on stage for the first time!

Boxing Day night, from which this recording was made, was decidedly different; the word was out and the hall was packed with people passing out from the crush. A dozen or more boisterous skinheads invaded the stage during White Riot prompting Joe to say Jimmy Pursey was not expected!

The Clash Play Revolution Rock


Chris Salewicz, Trouser Press, March 1980
IT'S FOUR days before Christmas. A dark, early evening damp with snow and rain. Immediately south of the Thames, in the inappropriately genteel Victorians

Meanwhile at Aklam Hall

Aklam Hall notes

JAWS in Sounds 5th, January 1980 including The Clash's secret gigs.

One thing for certain

Aklam Hall review-

Clash make it good

Melody Maker REVIEW -

5 Jan 1980

text version

alternate scan

Record Mirror review

(bottom right)

5 Jan 1980

The Story So Far fanzine

issue #3 (1980)

Band interview, likley date 26th December 79

Clash: Tour and Single


Andy Rosen photos

25 photos of The Clash by Andy Rosen here and here

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No known audio or video
If you know of any recording, email blackmarketclash

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Take the Fifth Tour


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Video and audio footage from the tour including radio interviews.


A Riot of Our Own
Johnny Green


by Johnny Green (Author), Garry Barker (Author), Ray Lowry (Illustrator)

Return of the Last Gang in Town,
Marcus Gray


Passion is a Fashion,
Pat Gilbert


Redemption Song,
Chris Salewicz


Joe Strummer and the legend of The Clash
Kris Needs


The Clash (official)
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