The Clash Take the Fifth Tour
Supported by B-Girls, The Undertones

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No known audio or video

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Video - Super 8 silent - commercial - 2.30min/sec

Paul started playing that "checkerboard" bass after his Palladium (NYC) bass smash on 9/20/79. Filmed from a balcony its not great and the full high quality version that is not watermarked will need to paid for. youtube link

From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections.

To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref JK9 (mistitled 1978, The Clash, perform in Montreal, Punk Rock, Rare Super 8 Home Movies). This is all they have when I asked. HI Graham,
This is all we have and it is silent unfortunately.
Jenny Coan
+44 (0) 203 623 7102




Montreal - St Denis Theatre,

I was there


Yes, it was Theatre St-Denis on September 25, 1979. They did an a capella intro to Clampdown. And later Strummer politely asked a guy in the front of the crowd to ask another fan (en francais) to stop spitting on him. "Crache pas sur lui!" Undertones opened. Watched as my mate was being squeezed flat in the front row. Lots of sweat. Very hot. Very Montreal.

"Crache pas sur lui!" Undertones opened. Watched as my mate was being squeezed flat in the front row. Lots of sweat. Very hot. Very Montreal.

Doug Hibbard
Great show. The B Girls were a little silly. Put our rental car in the ditch on the way back to Ottawa. No problem.But the hitchhikers were a bit scared.

A Menard
There was a third band for this show.....opening band.....The B Girls, an all girl punk band from Toronto.

Zack Urlocker
I was at this show as well as when they played Verdun Auditorium in '82. The Clash were great, the Undertones were fun. The band was way less polished live, and some songs were pretty fast. But it was a good show. Audio and video from other venues on the tour were pretty consistent with how they played that night. The venue got pretty warm though and I do recall people booing the local radio station CHOM-FM. And Joe Strummer did ask someone to tell the audience in french to stop spitting on the band. Read more

Support acts were The B Girls and The Undertones, with DJ Scratchy playing new UK releases between sets. This was the same day that the Montreal Star newspaper ceased publication. The drum kit stand was adorned with the front page of that day's New York Post, with the large, garish headline "Docs Reattach Woman's Arm". The Clash Opened with Safe European Home, followed by I'm So Bored With the USA. They didn't play Tommy Gun. Audience members were encouraged to come on stage during the last song, White Riot, [I among them], with onstage security at the back, guarding the amps and drum kit. The Theatre St Denis had seating capacity of about 2,200 at the time, though few, especially in the front, spent much time seated.

The Gazette: British lead punk explosion, Wave of new wave hits city

Wed Sep 26 1979


Did you go? What do you remember?

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No known audio but there is silent video
If you know of any recording, email blackmarketclash

From silent video suggested tracks are;

Safe European Home
I'm So Bored with the USA
White Riot

There are several sights that provide setlists but most mirror They are worth checking.

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Take the Fifth Tour


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Video and audio footage from the tour including radio interviews.


A Riot of Our Own
Johnny Green


by Johnny Green (Author), Garry Barker (Author), Ray Lowry (Illustrator)

Return of the Last Gang in Town,
Marcus Gray


Passion is a Fashion,
Pat Gilbert


Redemption Song,
Chris Salewicz


Joe Strummer and the legend of The Clash
Kris Needs


The Clash (official)
by The Clash (Author), Mal Peachey


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