Comeback gigs & Glastonbury Warm Up

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Joe Strummer: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Martyn Slattery: Lead Guitar, Keyboards et al
Anthony Genn: Guitar
Scott Shields: Bass Guitar
Pablo Cook: Percussion
Smiley: Drums

Audio recording - broadcast?
cdr - excellent pro sound + intvw
Sound 5
55min+ 5mins interview + 4mins Ishen from unknown venue
Very low
13 songs / 15 tracks

Audio recording - official release
7" bootleg - Bankrobber 99
Sound 5
- min
2 tracks
c/w White Riot

Straight to Hell

This has a great sound. Probably an FM radio source as you can hear the announcer just prior to the first song.

Interview at concert
Video CD (388x284)

Interview with Joe Strummer - size 320x240 - fps 24.989 - time 00_04_14
Interview with Joe Strummer - size 352x576 - fps 25 - time 00_04_21

Joe interview on a balcony

From Scandinavia, SwedishTV Musicbyran
SwedishTV Musicbyran - size 352x576 - *fps 24.999 - time 00_06_04


Joe performing at Hultsfred - note he's still got what it takes to look good on stage!

by Wilhelm Eliasson

The Hultsfred Festival..30 000 visitors (in a town of 7 000 inhabitants), one of them our hero Joe Strummer. It had been a fantastic festival, the biggest in its history, and according to many its best. In the festival programme was among others Suede, Marilyn Manson, Manic Street Preachers, Hole, Placebo, Sick Of It All and Atari Teenage Riot, but the band i was there to see was the punkbands Skitsystem (Shit System), The Kristet Utseende (The Chrisitan Look :D ), the old swedish punkhero Stefan Sundstr m, Dropkick Murphy’s and the synthbands Statemachine and S.P.O.C.K.

On the last day of the festival (Sunday the 20th of june) Joe Strummer was supposed to play at the largest stage at the festival at 10 p.m. I arrivied there a half hour earlier. I’d planned to see the swedish folkrockband Garmarna (The Guards At The Gates of Hell :) ) at 9 p.m. but the persons i shared tent with screwed up, and i ended up running a whole kilometre, and that’s a lot for the lazy me. I arrivied at the Garmarna Show, and saw one song, my favourite, and started running towards Joe Strummer.

Me and my friend Miikka arrivied at the stage 9.30 and situated ourselves on a hill about a hundred metres from the stage to ensure ourself to actually see the guy...this was because swedish people generally are pretty tall, and I’m not...altough I’m swedish :).

At, should we say, 10.30 Joe arrived at stage, picked up his guitar and started playing "London Calling", and it sounded absolutely fantastic. I ran down the hill and jumped right down the mosh-pit, jumping around just 2 metres from Joe...and he looked in great condition playing his guitar and screaming out the sounds of London Calling.

One of the nicest things about the concert was that it was such a mixed audience: 40yrs old ex-punks, indiegirls, young punks, crusties...and everybody was in complete extasy. I especially remember an old guy standing completely still, in tears, saying: -fan vad bra, fan vad bra, fan vad bra (fucking great, fucking great, fucking great).

After London Calling, he did a new song...a kind of a reggae-folkrock thing, which i enjoyed pretty much, because I’m a big Pogues and Levellers-fan. He continued with "I Fought The Law" and followed in a orgy of old Clash-hits and some new material. According to my large amount of alcohol intake I have it a bit hard to remember exactly which songs he played, but i seem to recall, English Civil War, Rock The Casbah, Brand New Cadillac, Straight To Hell, and White Man in Hammersmith Palais.

The concert closed with Bankrobber, and Joe left the stage. Alltough no one wanted to leave, and a big singalong of bankrobber started, but after awhile the Suede fans arrived to see their favourite band, and the whole thing was over. I left the area with a huge smile on my lips.

Well, what grades can I give the concert? 10 out of 10, I must say...fantastic...

Is there any more to say? Well, after the show I went back to my tent, which i shared with 9 friends... and what did i see?!!...the swedish rap-star Markoolio, sat in our tent drinking our gin..fuck, i hate him! was my friend Marias fault. She had picked him up somewhere...he asked me if i were a Clash-fan...YES! I replied with a big smile on my face..I am!...

Did you go? What do you remember?
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Techno D-Day
London Calling
White Man In Ham Palais
Tony Adams
Straight to Hell
Rock the Casbah
Brand New Cadilac
I Fought the Law
Junco Partner
Diggin The New
Tommy Gun
Ishen (another venue - unknown)

There are several sights that provide setlists but most mirror They are worth checking.

from Setlist FM (cannot be relied on)

from Songkick (cannot be relied on)
... both have lists of people who say they went

& from the newer Concert Database and also Concert Archives

Also useful: Ultimate Music database, All Music, Clash books at DISCOGS

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Fans view of the gig

UK Tour poster

Clash singer breaks ground
mid 1997
By Todd Martens - Staff Writer

A bit of history
UK Tour itinary - alas front cover only
and a Tour pass

with the dates on the back
and ... US Tour itinary - alas front cover only

The Sunday Times Pick of the Week
Joe Strummer UK Tour

Joe Strummer Interview
Punk Magazine - by Judy McGuire
It's always scary to meet people you admire as much as I admired Joe Strummer. He was the closest thing to having a hero I ever had. When I got the assignment to interview him, I was both excited and scared shitless. What if he was nasty or rude to me? I'd be crushed. Words can't truly express what a huge influence the Clash had on my life. I was a painfully shy, depressed, awkward teenager the first time I heard them. They taught me about politics, to think for myself, to question authority, and to become a better, more informed person. Their lyrics gave me the courage to stop caring what other people thought about me and to always be true to myself.

BBC Music Jools Holland
We found Joe Strummer on the terrace of the BBC bar, where he imparted to us the wisdom that only comes from hard years on the road . . .

Former Clash frontman, Joe Strummer, is back out on the road with a new band - The Mescaleros. They played Glasgow on Monday night and tomorrow take to the stage at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth before shows in Dublin and Belfast.

Guitar World 1999
Diggin the New (1 page only)
Huge Clash retrospective

Unity Rocker (Australia)
Real Groove Magazine Strummer interview (inc Australia 82)

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