Earthquake Weather Tour

Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War
Joe Strummer: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Zander Schloss: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Lonnie Marshall: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Willie MacNeil: Drums
Jack Irons: Drums


No known recording exists.
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A slightly above average sound that is a bit thin. the vocals are up in the mix. The drums and lead guitar comes through but the bass is a bit low.

Did you go? What do you remember?
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No known recording exists.
If you know of one please please email blackmarketclash

There are several sights that provide setlists but most mirror They are worth checking.

from Setlist FM (cannot be relied on)

from Songkick (cannot be relied on)
... both have lists of people who say they went

& from the newer Concert Database and also Concert Archives

Also useful: Ultimate Music database, All Music, Clash books at DISCOGS

Articles, check 'Rocks Back Pages'

Island Hopping communique and Tour dates

Earthquake Weather poster Virgin record store

NME 7 Oct 1979
Blast of the Summer Whine LRW
Full page interview with Joe

French Rock & Pop November 89
Joe solo, Clash

White Riot Tour


A collection of
• Tour previews
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from the White Riot Tour.
Articles cover the month of May 1977.


Video and audio footage from the tour including radio interviews.


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Pat Gilbert

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Chris Salewicz

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Kris Needs

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