A list of known articles following The Clash's annoucement that they were finished.

backstage at the Pantages Theater, Los Angeles in 1995

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Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer, Rick Rubin and Johnny Cash form a ring of fire backstage at the Pantages Theater, Los Angeles in 1995

The Clash's Breakup & The Story of Cut The Crap

Rock N' Roll True Stories 17:09min

Joe Strummer Jon Savage, unpublished

30 May 1988

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Written by Jon Savage, it is a thing of dark beauty. A real inside personal look at the West London squatter scene from the early 70s, through to the early dalliance of crossed, and eventually grudgingly aligned swords, with The Sex Pistols and the rest of the South Eastern England burgeoning punk scene. A tale of skullduggery, Bernie, Malcolm, opportunism, Viv, squatting, pubs, raw talent, riots, politics and a whole lot more. Enjoy.

The end of The Clash – by Joe Strummer

September 2012, Take 184


This month’s issue of Uncut features Joe Strummer on the cover – inside is an in-depth exploration of his secret history, after The Clash split up to his redemption in the late ’90s. To complement this, our archive feature this week finds Strummer looking at the demise of The Clash – from their epic Sandinista! album to their bitter disintegration. This excerpt is taken from a longer piece in the September 1999 (Take 28) issue of Uncut. Words: Gavin Martin