Vince Whites view
additional internet comments from Vince to add to his book

On the Clash late 1984...

"By that point all the good melancholic songs had disappeared and this kind of 'positive thinking' music had appeared which was stuggling against the tide. I dunno though, some of those songs like 'Cool Under Heat','movers and shakers' felt good to play on the busking tour where they seemed to take on a life of their own out on the streets and 'North and South' too. I have mixed feelings because it's hard for me to separate that from what they eventually became in the studio.

But the busking tour had a really good effect on the band and looking at the Roskilde show I can see a kind of camaraderie had begun to develop between us from that."

Most exciting gig

Vince White (on Clash City) said that "Glasgow Barrowlands was the most exciting show I played and Athens ( the last) was the best show I played."

"I vividly remember the Athens show 'cause I walked out on my own and started it with the 'Complete Control' riff in the dark with all the lighted matches. It was an awesome moment I'll never forget. It built slowly from that and was a cool start from the usual 'London Calling' explosion. And a far cry from the mess of my first Clash gig in Santa Barbara. So if it turns up that would be the indicator of an original recording. Also it was the only show I played completely sober!!! I'd love to hear it. I really had my shit together on that one."