Metropolitan rage in music with the Clash ˇ˛

Metropolitan rage in music with the Clash Concert at Ruffini for 5000 of the British group Metropolitan rage in music with the Clash TORINO - Il tam tam. of the youth world must have an extraordinary capacity for extension if a semi-clandestine concert, such as that of Clash on Tuesday evening at the Ruffini, brought four to five thousand children on the bare grass of the field. Nobody knew anything about it, and the English band was even given in concert in Milan; and yet, slowly but without interruption, the usual audience of rock musicians found themselves under the stage to let themselves be distorted by wild and very loud music. The Clashes are one of the "historical" groups of punk fashion (such as the Sex Pistols, the Damned, the Slaughter & Dogs, the Generation X), and they travel with a large orange banner on which the dirty shapes of a couple of chimneys and some suburban houses are traced. It is to be assumed that not many of Ruffini's boys understood enough of the splintered and distorted English that the wind blew off the stage, however the Clash sing "the condition of the marginalized urban subproletariat"; the tough anger of the metropolis, youth violence, the hatred of the old world inherited over the years. They are the main stream of punkrock, and in their own way they also claim to be a revolution. They actually appear involved up to the neck by the mercantile laws of the record industry, and indeed end up being the emblematic interpretation of the entertainment society. However, despite their ambiguities and brazen clowneries, they have shown that they are making music that is not yet unpacked: they move within the canonical formulas of energetic and angry rock, with brazen blocks of violent sounds; however, execution often has such a dynamic charge that the expressive pattern seems to be reinvented, and in any case acquires an unpredictable communicative value. Bis e-spit second script. m> c D i dl Two members of the English punk band ´Clashª during the concert (Photo De Marchis

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