Stockholm 80 This is from the Stockholm fanzine Kloak Stank (Sewer Stench)# 4 oct-1980. It's all about the Stockholm gig.

After an average gig at Eriksdalshallen I went backstage to do an interview with the band. In the dressing room there were about 30-40 people with the 4 Clash members so it was impossible to do an interview. So I took some photos while waiting, then after 30 minutes everyone was sent out from the dressing room. After a while I sneaked in again but then the Clash & the roadies wanted to play football! After a while Topper was exhausted and went back to the dressing room where the interview could begin.

Interviewer (Magnus) - Paul once said that "Money is good 'cos you can do things with it, bands like The Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin took the money but gave nothing back. But we can give the money back to the kids that are in the same situation that we were before" Topper (For some reason called Toppy!) - To tell you the truth, we have no money, so that's the answer to the question but if we had I don't really know what we would do with it. Maybe start a radio station. Everyone thinks we are much bigger than we are.

Int. - Is Punk dead? Topper - Maybe, we just came from Hamburg were 100 punks shout Punk is dead at us ,so it's must been dead there. They don't like us there and do not believe in what we are doing. In Sweden you seem to like us and in England we always sell tickets & records Int. - There seems like there's no collaboration between the UK bands, what do you think about Jimmy Pursey and Sham 69? Topper - I think Jimmy Pursey talks lot a shit.

Int. - On your the latest record there's no songs like on your first record, do you still call yourself a punk band or just a rock band? Topper - I still think we are a punk-rock band.

Int. - There's been some talking about you leaving CBS, what do you think about them? Topper - They are as good or bad as any record label out there.

Int. - What do you think about Sweden and the Swedish audience? Topper - Sweden seems to be mechanistic, everything is done in order. The kids are alright, they are into our music.

Int. - What's your opinion on London Calling? Topper - I think it fucking great!

Int - Who writes the lyrics? Topper - Joe does most of them I done one and Paul’s done Guns of Brixton.

Int - You were supposed to play in Stockholm 9th May but the gig was moved to the 23rd May due to recordings in Channel One Studio in Jamaica. Topper - We have recorded 28 tracks for the next album, it will be two records for the price of one. We did the backing tracks in New York and we will finish and mix the album in England. Some recording was done in Jamaica. Int. - How long will you stay in the Clash Topper - We will continue as long as anyone thinks its fun to play together. There’s no other band I would play for.

Int. - What kind of bands/music do you like? Topper - No one special, if I say Michael Jackson I like his latest record, if I say James Brown I mean his first album. About the new wave bands I haven't heard anything I like. Int. - Do you have a good collaboration within the band? Topper - Yes but it could be better...

Int. - What are your influnces? Topper - Mostly black music. In 1977 I was into other music than Punk so the Sex Pistols hasn't been an influence on me.

Int. - How many copies have you sold of the first album? Topper - I don't know, It didn't sell so much at the beginning but it still sells. It hasn't sold as much as out latest album which is our best.

Int. - What are you future plans? Topper - We're going to England to finish the new record. Play some gigs in Jamaica & America. Recording & touring basically.

Then the interview was over and Topper left, then Joe Strummer walks in the dressing room and gets to answer some questions. Int. - What did you think about the gig tonight? Joe - Audience gets 10/10 Clash 8/10 Int. - What do you think about Rude Boy? Joe - It's boring but the music is good but we haven't seen the finished film just a raw copy with bad sound. We tried to stop the film but we couldn't do it leagally, it’s a rip off!

Interview and photos Magnus (Kloak Stank)