Unknown Interview with Joe followed by John Tobler 'Rock On' interview with Mick and Paul

John Tobler 'Rock On' interview with Mick and Paul

John on Facebook

BBC R1 - Rock On
10 mins John Tobler w/Mick & Paul

Talk about London Calling

Radio Interview with Duncan-Gibbons

BBC Roundtable

The Clash on TISWAS (UK-ITV) on 5th January 1980, promoting London Calling

Punk & Its After Shocks
Aylesbury 5 Jan 1980

BBC Nationwide documentary
- 12.39mins - Sound 3

Dundee 18 Jan 1980
Edinburgh 19 Jan 1980
Edinburgh 20 Jan 1980

The live footage probably comes from the two Edinburgh gigs from Jan 19/20th 1980, and not from the 18th Dundee gig. Last 30 secs Londons Burning in nationwide clip does sound a lot like the Londons burning from 20th. It looks like Joe's wearing the same clothes in the van ( nationwide interview) and the soundcheck pictures from the 20th.

Essential Clash DVD
Lewisham 18 Feb 1980

8 mins - 5 sound -
Clampdown & Train In Vain

Source for various officlal single track video and audio sources - 2 videos plus 4 audio tracks. A good listing of the contents of the The Clash's Sound System box set can be found here.

Paris 27 Feb 1980
Quality /sound 5 - 41mins - 13 tracks - excellent