Joe Strummer : Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals
Clive Timperley : Lead Guitar Vocals
Mole : Bass
Richard Dudanski : Drums/Vocals

Dan McKeller took over on bass from Mole

Anyhow thanks to John and Richard for some bg info - any additions/corrections welcome

cdr - very poor - Sound 2 - 53min
unknown generation - 15 tracks

Many many variants on this circualate, nearly all falwed or re-edited.

The 101ers had only really been going for 12 months'ish at date of Cleopatras. The kind of gigs they were doing demanded a lot of songs -often spread over two sets (27 as in this case). just before "I'm down" you can hear Joe say.... "before we have a rest we're goin to do a Lennon & McCartney number...."

These were the only gigs they could get - and they accepted anything that was offered, just to be able to play. The roots of R'n'B was a perfect source for a starting band. Apart from being music the band liked - it was a simple music, fine for beginners where its success would depend less on finesse and more on energy.

The band were always writing new stuff and especially from when Dan joined in Jan '76. Within 3 months of this gig more of their own songs came into the sets: Rabies, Sweet Revenge, Surf City, 5* R'n'R, Gaol Guitar Doors, Keep Taking the Tablets and a couple more.

Pretty Poor - too many crappy versions

Several versions of the same recording exist. Some of lesser quality. Most / nearly all are edited to a single cdr around 70 minutes and of slightly lesser sound.

There is a complete version circulating which runs around 87 minutes and has slightly superior sound with no edits. Several compilations also exist which attempt to 'edit back together' the gig from the lesser sources. The perfect one should run as listed above with no edits.

The best one...

The sound is quite decent, although there is some slight clipping and some distortion, it is quite listenable. Keys to Your Heart, the last track suffers when the tape edits back in. Is this the encore or from another source?

Track by Track

Track 1: 'Bonnie Moronie'
(1950s song by Larry Williams,who also did 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy' which the Beatles covered) It may be relevant that Dr Feelgood did this song live at this time, and it's on their debut album 'Down By The Jetty' which had been released earlier in 1975.

Track 3: Shake Your Hips is from Elgin Ave Breakdown amd is a song by'Shake Your Hips' is a song by bluesman Slim Harpo aka James Moore, recorded under the title Hip Shake by the Stones on 'Exile on Main Street' 1971;

Track 4 "Hoy, Hoy" is a Little Johnny Jones song (Chicago Blues Piano).

Track 6: Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Bill Haley. Is great version of a Louis Jordan swing number from the 40s which a few pub rock bands covered at times (I think Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers did it on an album, anyway);

Track 7 is "Smokey Joe's Cafe" a Leiber & Stoller tune, first done I think by the Robins, although The Coasters made it famous. Bass player Mole (died 1999) was the singer.

Track 10: 'Out of Time', a Jagger/Richards song from 1966. The Stones recorded it but it was a big hit for Chris Farlowe (as mentioned by Joe in his introduction)

Track 11: 'I'm Down' (a Beatles B-side)

Track 12: 'Route 66' (originally done by Bobby Troup, but Chuck Berry rocked it up for a 1950s album track. This inspired the early Rolling Stones to do it, and their - much better - version off their 1st LP sounds like the inspiration for the 101ers version here).Route '66 was first recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946 (He was a Jazzer before becoming a crooner).

Track 13: 'Who Do You Love' by Bo Diddley, aka Ellis (or Elias) McDaniel, as namechecked by Joe in his introduction. Another R&B classic done by every pub band from the 60s onwards - the Jesus & Mary Chain covered it too!

Track 15: 'Too Much Monkey Business' another Chuck Berry song)

Track 20: 'I saw Her Standing There' (Beatles 1st LP)

Track 21: Slippin' & Slidin' (Little Richard) (although the musical intro sounds like 'Bird Dog' by the Everly Brothers I m told....)

Track 22: The intro sounds like a Bo Diddley song, was in fact a self penned arrangement, then it goes into 'Willie & The Hand Jive' by Johhny Otis.

Track 25 Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry

Track 26 Gloria - Van Morrison

Interesting statistics from the set list. 2 from the 40's, 13 from the 50's, 5 from the 60's, and 7 originals.

'...lots of Elvis Beatles and the Rolling Stones, in nineteen seventy five...'


Bonnie Moronie
Shake Your Hips
Hoy Hoy
Heartbreak Hotel
Cho Cho o'Boogie
Smokey Joe's Cafe
Johnney Be Goode
Oh Carol
Out of Time
I’m Down
Route 66
Who do ya love
Silent Telephone
Monkey Business
Junco Partner
Be Bop A Lula
Steam Gauge 99
I saw her standing there
Slippin and Sliddin
Willie and the Hand Jive
Sweety of St Moritz
Motor Boys Motor
Roll over Beethoven
Keys to Your Heart
(alt source?? or encore)

Any info / reviews appreciated