Audio recording 1
Audio recording 2

Two sources exist for this one. The first is excellent, the second good/clear but suffers some mild distortion and is a bit distant, probably recorded much further back than source 1.

The better one is split at the end of Bummed Out City, the lesser one splits after Police and Thieves.

The last UK tour opened at the Leadmill, Sheffield, a much smaller joint with only a few moshers down the front. A lot of Clash fans were there that night and a lot of Clash numbers played. Manchester opened officially this tour, though the band had played Brighton unannounced a couple nights earlier.

The Academy was packed full all the way to the back, a much larger venue than previous UK dates.

Leadmill (and all the 2000 dates) was a quiet trek through the door with the odd bod hanging outside. The Academy's size and it was full, brought bootleg merchandisers and touts.

Some people would walk away disapointed that the Clash moshing morcels were down to 4.

Rudi cant fail, I Fought the Law, Pressure Drop and Londons Burning plus a belting Blitzkreig Bop at the end. Thrown in as well Armagideon Time, Junco P, Police on My Back, An excellent Police and Thieves and Bankrobber.

Only two Joe back cat nos. Tony Adams and a different Yalla Yalla plus some covers Harder they Come, A Message to you Rudy. The rest was Global stuff. Some were good others just had people standing around.

The bigger venue, a bigger crowd and more pro approach as well. Joe fronting the band like he was fronting the Clash. All energy and gesticulation and interaction with the front. The moshing, usually 3 deep was 30 plus at times, when the right song was played.

This was good but it may have been better with White Man, Safe, London, Straight + as well. The atmosphere was the best or recent gigs easily and audience was a lot of younger and female overall.

The sound was very full and excluding Tymons guitar contributions (a lot) four others were holding axes and that made for a very heavy guitar sound drowning out some of the subtelties of previous tours. No Pablo here either with his feint acoustic contributions. In place came Stafford on bass, who was excellent, Shields seems to be taking on some personality, switching to lead, and Slattery steady as ever.

Smiley was an excellent drummer, fast & hard (Tommy Gun with his chops in the air!) but the bloke last night , whilst not as hard, was nearly as quick but hit more deft and varied notes perfectly filling in on Pablo's contributions somewhat whilst bashing out the percusion as well.

So many other variations were introduced. Joe's shaker for eg!! But Stafford played an excelllent trombone on a couple of occasions and Slattery contributed to the brass section as well. Tymon played keyboards when not violin'in or guitar'in and Slatts played more guitar giving that powerful sound.

Even the Global songs did appeal to the hardcore punks delivered this way. Hope they are not disappointed when they get the 'acoustic' album cos this was anything but acoustic.

The crowd stayed on for a second encore but it was not forthcoming. Island Hopping would have been nice. But then again so would have Safe European Home.

And why did they give out water bottles to the moshers who just through them back? Shields got pissed off with a couple of them near the end. A gage of the revelery that was going on down the packed front. If the Clash reformed you wouldn't get near a ticket on tonights performance! oh for a couple more Clash morcels...

Did you go? What do you remember?
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Minstrel Boy
Junco Partner
Cool 'n' Out
Rudy Can't Fail
Bhindi Bhagi
Armagideon Time
Shaktar Donetsk
Police & Thieves
Mega Bottle Ride
Tony Adams
Mondo Bongo
Johnny Appleseed
Bummed Out City
Police on my Back
The Harder they Come
Pressure Drop
I Fought the Law
Bankrobber e
Yalla Yalla e
A Message to you Rudy e
London's Burning e
Blitzkrieg Bop e

Message to you Rudy

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