Short Summer Rock Art US Tour

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Joe Strummer: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Martyn Slattery: Lead Guitar, Keyboards et al
Anthony Genn: Guitar
Scott Shields: Bass Guitar
Pablo Cook: Percussion
Smiley: Drums

Germany Calling CD -
Sound 5
Time 47min
11 tracks

Video recording - Video from broadcast
Great quality piture and sound
Size 720x540 - *fps 25 - time 100_00_37
13 tracks + interview
There is a VCD which runs 59:37 amd there is also another great video source which runs at 53:45

Captured by German TV, the audio source is excellent/pro sound and was released on silver CD under the boot title Germany Calling. It does not include the first two tracks or the backstage interview afterwards.

A subsequent reissue included the interview, but not the first two tracks. It also adds 3 tracks as 'Live from a Summer Festival August 1999' which is are from the Fuji Rock Festival in Nagata Japan on the 1st August. The three tracks were broadcast and have an excellent pro sound both here on this boot, and on the Fuji gig circulating. London Calling / Yalla Yalla / Brand New Cadillac. Joe IDs Japan during London Calling as well.

Captured by German TV, this widely circulates on VHS cassette full and unedited.

A full unedited VCD with excellent sound and very good picture quality circulates also.

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Straight to Hell*
Tony Adams*
London Calling
X Ray Style
Rock the Casbah
White Man In Hammersmith
Yalla Yalla
Brand New Cadilac
I Fought the Law
Tommy Gun
+ backstage interview*

Rock the Casbah

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